Hello. I love AKB48 very much, so I am going to tell you about AKB48 today.

Do you know about AKB48 in detail? I think that everyone know them. Because they are the most popular Japanese idol group now. AKB48 has 92 girls now!! They have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest idol group in the world. They have for their private use theater at Akihabara. Their theater can accommodate up to only 250 people, so there is a great deal of competition to get their tikects. They came out made their debut on December 8th, 2005.

First, I introduce AKB48′s all members. AKB48 are divided into four group. They are Team A, Team K, Team B and Team 4.

Team A’s members are Misaki Iwasa, Aika Ota, Shizuka Oya, haruka katayama, Asuka Kuramochi, Haruna Kojima, Rino Sashihara, Mariko Shinoda, Aki Takajyo, Minami Takahashi, Haruka Nakagawa, Chisato Nakata, Asuka Nakaya, Atsuko Maeda, Ami Maeda and Natsumi Matsubara.

Team K’s members are Sayaka Akimoto, Tomomi Itano, Mayumi Uchida, Ayaka Umeda, Yuko Oshima, Ayaka Kikuchi, Miku Tanabe, Tomomi Nakatsuka, Moeno Nito, Misato Nonaka, Reina Fujie, Sakiko Matsui, Minami Minegishi, Sae Miyazawa, Yui Yokoyama and Rumi Yonezawa.

Team B’s members are Haruka Ishida, Tomomi Kasai, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rie Kitahara, Kana Tomomi Kasai, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rie Kitahara, Kana Kobayashi, Mika Komori, Amina Sato, Sumire Sato, Natsuki Sato, Shihori Suzuki, Mariya Suzuki, Rina Chikano, Natsumi Hirajima, Yuka Masuda, Miho Miyazaki and Mayu Watanabe.

Team 4′s members are Maria Abe, Miori Ichikawa, Anna Iriyama, Mina Oba, Haruka Shimazaki, Haruka Shimada, Miyu Takeuchi, Shiori Nakamata, Mariko Nakamura, Mariya Nagao and Suzuran Yamauchi.

AKB48 10th research student membres are Rina Izuta, Rena Kato and Marina Kobayashi, Rena Fujita.
11st research student members are Rina Kawae, Natsuki Kojima, Wakana Natori and Ayaka Moriyama.
12nd research student members are Karen Iwata, Miyuu Omori, Erena Saeedyokota, Yukari Sasaki, Rika Suzuki, Juri Takahashi, Yuuka Tano, Rina Hirata and Tomu Mutou.
13rd research student members are Moe Aigasa, Maiko Amamiya, Saho Iwatate, Ayano Umeta, Saki Kitazawa, Kaoru Mitsumune, Nene Watanabe, Ryoka Oshima, Ayaka Okada, Shiori Kita, Ayano Shimazaki, Yurina Takashima, Haruna Hasegawa, Yuiri Murayama, Shinobu Mogi and Sakura Moriyama.

What a lot of member!!
Next, I am going to tell you about AKB48 general election. They hold “AKB48 general election” once a year!! They are decided the center of AKB48 by their fan. Fan vote their favorite member!! The first AKB48 general election’s center was Atsuko Maeda!! Atuko Maeda’ famous as a AKB48′s center is unassailable. The second AKB48′s general election ‘s center was Yuko Oshima!! The third AKB48 General election’s center was also Atsuko Maeda!!The higher rank 21 members which selected by general election can sing their new single. This higher rank 21 members called “selection member”. Moreover, higher rank 12 members can appear a kind of TV program. It is called “Media selection”. AKB48 has “God seven”!!! It is popular members from 1st to 7th members!! They are Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mariko Shinoda, Tomomi Itano, Mayu Watanabe, Haruna Kojima and Minami Takahashi. The third AKB48 general election was held at Tokyo on May, 2011. The AKB48′s center was Atsuko Maeda!! She is calld “Acchan” by everyone. The 2nd was Yuko Oshima. Her nick name is “Yuko”. 3rd was Yuki Kashiwagi (Yukirin). 4th was Mariko Shinoda (Mariko sama). 5th was Mayu Watanabe (Mayuyu). 6th was Haruna Kojima (Kojiharu), 7th was Minami Takahashi (Takamina), 8th was Tomomi Itano (Tomochin), 9th was Rino Sashihara (Sashiko), 10th was Rena Matsui (Rena) of SKE48, 11st was Sae Miyazawa (Sae chan), 12nd was Aki Takajo (Akicha), 13rd was Rie Kitahara (Kitarie), 14th was Jurina Matsui (Jurina) of SKE48, 15th was Minami Minegisi (Mi-chan), 16th was Tomomi Kasai (Tomo-mi), 17th was Sayaka Akimoto (Sayaka), 18th was Amina Sato (Amina), 19th was Yui Yokoyama (Yuihan), 20th was Yuka Masuda (Yuttan), 21st was Asuka Kuramochi (Mocchi-).

There are a lot of AKB48′s specialty wording. They are “Oshimen”, “2oshi”, “DD”, “mix” , “Kamikyoku” and so on. “Oshimen” means own most favorite member!! “2oshi” means own second favorite member. “DD” means that favorite all member (Daredemo Daisuki). “Mix” is a chant in the middle of song. It is said “Oh let’s go!! Tiger Fire Cyber Fiber diver Viber Gerger!!” by fan.
Next, I introduce AKB48′s songs. They have 24 songs. Indies 1st single is “Sakurano hanabiratati”. Indies 2nd single is “Skirt, Hirari”. 1st single is “Aitakatta”. 2nd single is “Seihukaga jamawosuru”. 3rd single is “Keibetsu siteita aijo”. 4th single is “BINGO!”. 5th single is “Bokuno Taiyou”. 6th single is “Yuuhiwo miteiruka?”. 7th single is “Romance, irane”. 8th single is “Sakurano hanabiratati 2008″. 9th single is “Baby! Baby! Baby!”. 10th single is “Oogoe Diamond”. 11st single is “10 year cherry blossam”. 12nd single is “Namida surprise!”. 13rd single is “Iiwake Maybe”. 14th single is “RIVER”. 15th single is “Sakura no shiori”. 16th single is “Ponytail and shushu”. 17th single is “Heavy lotation”. 18th single is “Beginner”. 19th single is “Chance no junban”. 20th single is “Sakura no kini narou”. 21st single is “Everyday, Kachusya”. 22st single is “Frying get”. 23rd single is “Kaza ha fuiteiru”. 24th single is “Uekara Mariko”. Their 25th new single is “GIVE ME FIVE!” This single will be releaced on February 15th.

Akb48 sold 5 songs last year. They are “Sakura no kini narou”, “Everyday, Kachusha”, ” are “Sakura no kini narou”, “Everyday, Kachusha”, “Frying get”, “Kaze ha fuiteiru” and “Uekara Mariko”. This all 5 songs sell more than a million copies. They accomplished a great feat!!

They hold public performance at AKB48 theater everyday. They have a concept “Everybody can meet idol”. When thay sell new single, they hold Hand shake party. Their first limitation record is serverd with handshake ticket . I went to their handshake party 4 times. I had a very good time when I went to there. I have done handshake with Yuko Osima, Mariko Shinoda, Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe, Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi, Rino Sashihara, Sae Miyazawa, Aki Takajo, Minami Minegishi, Yui Yokoyama, Tomomi Kasai, Ayaka Umeda, Mika Komori, Mina Oba, Asuka Kuramochi and Misaki Iwasa.

My favorite members (Oshimen) are Haruna Kojima, Minami Minegishi, Aki Takajo, Mayu Watanabe and Asuka Kuramochi. I love Haruna Kojima the best of all members!! She is sooooo beautiful.

I have a lot of their goods. They are CD, DVD, crock, strap, seal, tramp, figure, book, can case, towel, bag, photo book and poster. When I go to karaoke with my friends, I sing their song.
I have been AKB48 for a long time!!


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