Cast Profile – Kaho Minami

Kaho Minami is the bride Yae in ‘Ashita’.

Kaho Minami was born in 20 January 1964 in Amagasaki, Japan.  She was graduated from the Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music.  While she was still studying in college, Kaho attended an audition in 1984 for a role in ‘Kayako no Tameni’.  She was chosen among 2000 competitors and made her debut.  Kaho not only active in the film industry, she also performed in various television series and stage drama.  
Kaho and Ken Watanbe
Kaho has two marriages.  She first married to Hitonari Tsuji, a Japanese musician, film-maker and novelist, in 1995 and had son.  However, the couple divorced in 2000.  In 2003, Kaho acted in a 2-hour-drama ‘Itan no Natsu’, together with the well-known Japanese actor Ken Watanabe.  They got married in December 2005. 
Awards that Kaho has won:
  • 19th Takasaki Film Festival – Best Supporting Actress
  • Blue Ribbon Awards 1990 – Best Supporting Actress
             Kaho Minami – Wikipedia

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