Chair races and moving forward

Hoy, friends of the dream…

Patricia has cleared another hurdle in her quest to return to top flight form. We have now moved approximately half her time in the Sports Medicine room to the Strength and Conditioning gym. Besides the weight room being geographically closer to the wrestling room on the OTC campus, her new and extensive weight program is closer in form and function to wrestling. Have no fear; Patricia will continue her 9 hours + refining her new ACL and supporting structures as well as chiseling out her body to competition size and shape. Now, however, the majority of her time will be away from the doctors and those bent on slowing and confining her natural modus operendi that seeks to advance outside the industry acceptable rate. Stay tuned, she will be back on the mat in very short order–likely a full month before schedule.

To help Patricia bear the somewhat arduous mental strain of doing physical therapy down in Sports Medicine (up to 5 hour/day in the past), I stopped by to chat and perhaps inject some fun into her routine. True to her nature, Patricia jumped at the novelty and set up a “vehicle” race between her and me. Propelled by unitlateral hamstring or quad output, we motored little wheeled stools round and round the carpeted exam area. It, perhaps, wasn’t as thrilling as a Johnson/Gorden dual, but there was something Nascaresque about the way we slammed each other into the walls and had to make pit stops occasionally when a bump in the track would leave our equipment without wheels or unfortunately upended. For the record, I lost most of the races. As usual, I was graceful in defeat and showed my respect for her scooting ability by kicking over my chair and calling her a “goddamn cripple.” Patricia just smiled the same grin she always portrays when the refs raise her hand at the end of a wrestling match.

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