Crush Of The Day: Takimoto Miori

Takimoto Miori as Chie in Hungry!
Awwww, MAN, Episode 6 of “Hungry was sooo frickin’ GOOD!  After a few past episodes of pretty mediocre stories (especially 5’s double cliché of  1. Main Character suddenly having to take care of a young child for an extended time, and 2. Having that kid dislike gourmet food and only want junk food (well, it’s a food drama cliché, anyway), I’d thought the show had turnd into a “regular” show, but BOY with this past episode, it’s like they got back that writer who wrote the first two wonderful stories, and we’re HAPPILY BACK ON TRACK!
With best friend Nana (Yamashita Rio)
Cutie-Pie Miori Takimoto has been looking prettier and prettier as the episodes went by (no doubt a not-so-subtle move by director as the story moves her into a more “romantic” setting) and like the fool I am, I fell for it hook, line and sinker, and by the time this latest awesome episode ran, she was looking sooooo attractive, HECK, you add that to her already hyper-genki demeanor and sweet, adorable personality and you’ve got a character that I just HAD to fall in love with!
“Mushrooms!” thinks Chie as Taku (Shohei Muira) looks on
Fawning over Eisuke (Osamu Mukai) in the kitchen
Though this drama is really the story of failed rock musician Eisuke (Osamu Mukai) attempted to fulfil his mother’s wish of him becoming a full-fledged French Chef and take over the family restaurant, the storyline I’VE always been the most invested in is the growing relationship between and Miori’s character Chie. 
He’s so clueless about girls and their emotions, and she’s so spacey about interacting with guys that you’re just cracking up as they butt heads and and aggravate each other, wondereing just WHERE their relationship is going!
But Awww, Chie is so cute, you just want to pick her up and cuddle her, she’s like a little lost puppy most times, and her absolutely Shida- Mirai-ish befuddlement over confusing scenarios just KILLS me!
“????” thinks Chie…

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