Loved Guest Blogging for the photographer who captured my own Wedding Ceremony!

Almost 2 years ago and by chance, I met a local photographer by the name of Kim Shaw! (

Little did I know at the time………..but she was to be more than a photographer who would provide me with my portrait pictures for my new web site………………..In fact she became my photographer for my own wedding back in June 2012! 

I just liked her style, her relaxed approach and her passion for flexibility and professionalism.  I knew she was the right person to be with us on our wedding day and I simply wouldn’t have asked for anyone else!  

So I was delighted when she asked if I’d blog for her………… explain a little more about the role of Civil Celebrants and how they’re performing personalised Wedding Ceremonies all across the UK. 

Here’s the link to the blog, which gives you some insights into how a Civil Celebrant, can give you a most personalised and unique Wedding Ceremony:

So if you’re looking for a photographer that covers the Staffordshire, Shropshire or Cheshire borders…………….and who will put you at ease………capture the essence of your wedding and just calmly bring it all together for you on the day…………….then get in touch with Kim!

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