Moroccan Nadia Fares embodied the personality of Dalida in the French film

Moroccan Nadia Fares embodied the personality of Dalida in the French film
Was chosen by French film production company,”Patti”the French actress of Moroccan origin Nadia Fares for the portrayal of Italian origin Egyptian singer Dalida French nationality in the film tells the story of her life since her birth in the district of Shubra, Cairo and even access to the world after it became the most important singers in the history of France.
And revealed the magazine “Jeune Afrique” French that he would start filming Dalida end of this year to be filmed in places which had witnessed the start of life Dalida Egypt via Italy and Egypt.
It is noteworthy that Dalida had committed suicide in 1987 in mysterious circumstances some information indicates that it ended her life after a failed love story of a young man who was having her junior in age, while other information indicates she was afraid of aging, such as the late American actress Marilyn Monroe.
It is noteworthy that Dalida was born in 1933 is the daughter of Italian Pietro Gejluoty who was first violinist at the Cairo Opera until his death in 1945 in Egypt.
Dalida and helped win the title of Miss Egypt in 1954 in her celebrity status to Takhttefha Egyptian cinema, but did not achieve the required success Vikteft representation of some marginal roles.
Dalida’s departure had been to France in 1956, the beginning of her fame in the field of singing up to the world and over time become one of the best singers in the history of France

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