Movie – Ai no g sutoppu (1934)

I’ve looked Ai no g sutoppu movie (Ai no go stop).

Movie Premier in 1934.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:2242 m
Release Dates: Japan:8 February 1934

In movie have been taken:

Yukichi Kamishiro (actor)

Kazuaki Komiya (actor)

Nobuo Kosaka (actor)

Taisuke Matsumoto (actor)
Birth Notes:Tottori, Japan
Matsumoto Taisuke be born contained by Tottori in 1895. After dropping out of the elective program of the Tokyo Fine Arts School, he go from Kawakami Otojiro Acting School, to Iniwa Takashi’s Kabuki Theater Association, to Yamamoto Kaichi’s Kessaku Theater, after was ask to enrol Teikoku Cinema Ashiya Studios in 1923. During his Teikine event, he paired conscious near Utakawa Yaeko time and again with whom he costarred in Mori Kundotetsuro no Tsuyu. They be call the High-Profile Duo of the West via funds of anti the Iwata Yukichi-Kurishima Sumiko of the West. Their films contain Nageki no Kyoku, which he himself directed, and Shuchu Nikki (Diary of a Drunkard) where on earth he enact the arrangement role, Okawa Imazo. His starring films be head Ito Daisuke’s Hoshi wa Midaretobu, Rutsubo no Nakani (Into the Melting Pot), Nekketsu wo Hisomete (Hide the Warm Bread), and Chi de Chi wo Arafu. Upon transfer to historical let down your hair troop of Nikkatsu in 1946, he perform in eight films in cooperation with Eto Shinpei and Myokokuji Jiken. At this time, he display divine acting technique in director Ito Daisuke’s Shinban Yotsuya Kaidan (The New Yotsuya Kaidan) as Tamiya Iuemon. His other diary important role were in Edojo Sozeme documentary by Mayama Seika, Osen directed by Ishii Tamizo, and Orokubushi directed by Ito Daisuke. Ever since the giving off of Mito Komon Henreki Kitan in 1930 he performed as Tokugawa Kunimitsu four times, and become agreed as the Mito Komon composer who measured able to Yamamoto Kaichi of Nikkatsu.
Birth Date:21 December 1895

Joe Ohara (actor)

Keiji Sakakida (actor)

Ichir Tsukida (actor)
Spouse:‘Isuzu Yamada’ (qv) (1935 – ?) (divorced); 1 child

Kaoru Wakaba (actor)

Kaoru Nakano (actress)

Akiko Shiga (actress)

Skichi Kobayashi (writer)

Teppei Nishi (writer)

Yoshiaki Ninomiya (cinematographer)

Shinjiro Ueno (director)

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