Movie – Meiken jakku (1925)

I’ve looked Meiken jakku movie

Movie Premier in 1925.


Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Japan
Genres: Action
Languages: Japanese
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:
Release Dates: Japan:23 September 1925

In movie have been taken:

Tokutaro Arashi (actor)

Kaku Hamada (actor)

Taisuke Matsumoto (actor)
Birth Notes: Tottori, Japan
Matsumoto Taisuke be born inwardly Tottori in 1895. After dropping out of the elective program of the Tokyo Fine Arts School, he go from Kawakami Otojiro Acting School, to Iniwa Takashi’s Kabuki Theater Association, to Yamamoto Kaichi’s Kessaku Theater, later was ask to marry Teikoku Cinema Ashiya Studios in 1923. During his Teikine extent, he paired alert next to Utakawa Yaeko occurrence and again with whom he costarred in Mori Kundotetsuro no Tsuyu. They be call the High-Profile Duo of the West by method of reserves of challenging the Iwata Yukichi-Kurishima Sumiko of the West. Their films embrace Nageki no Kyoku, which he himself directed, and Shuchu Nikki (Diary of a Drunkard) where on earth he enact the head role, Okawa Imazo. His starring films be skipper Ito Daisuke’s Hoshi wa Midaretobu, Rutsubo no Nakani (Into the Melting Pot), Nekketsu wo Hisomete (Hide the Warm Bread), and Chi de Chi wo Arafu. Upon transfer to historical cavort troop of Nikkatsu in 1946, he perform in eight films as powerfully as Eto Shinpei and Myokokuji Jiken. At this time, he display marvellous acting technique in director Ito Daisuke’s Shinban Yotsuya Kaidan (The New Yotsuya Kaidan) as Tamiya Iuemon. His other peak of your glory role were in Edojo Sozeme textual by Mayama Seika, Osen directed by Ishii Tamizo, and Orokubushi directed by Ito Daisuke. Ever since the giving off of Mito Komon Henreki Kitan in 1930 he performed as Tokugawa Kunimitsu four times, and become exceptional as the Mito Komon actress who measured able to Yamamoto Kaichi of Nikkatsu.
Birth Date: 21 December 1895

Jack Meiken (actor)

Gincho Segawa (actor)

Ryukichi Yokoyama (actor)

Momoko Ashiya (actress)

Ranko Sawa (actress)
Death Notes: Shinogyoku, Kyoto, Japan
Sawa be born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, in 1903. In 1919 she fixed the infantile girl’s theater company of Takarazuka underneath the perform heading of Izumi Ranko. After ratification through Shochiku Kamata, Sawa joined Nikkatsu Mukojima in 1923. In 1924 she moved to Teikoku Cinema’s Ashiya Studios, where on earth she become a dominant actress. She meet near curious glory in crutch of her implementation in Hoshi wa Midaretobu, historic going by to characteristic in Renbo Jigoku (Love’s Hell). In Kago no Tori (The Caged Bird), directed through Matsumoto Eiichi, Sawa was wacky to cavort the heroine alongside Satomi Akira. Teikoku Cinema’s publication of the motion print became a astound belt, giving Sawa an flash popularity second individual to that of Utakawa Yaeko. Following this she appear in films such in situate of Koryu Yokotawaru and Ogon Yorimo Tsuyoshi as the partner of Matsumoto Taisuke. In 1927 Sawa joined Nikkatsu, where she appeared in Ukiyo Guruma and Chuji Tabi Nikki – Goyohen, with the latter film coming to be regard as one of her definitive works. Following this, Sawa appeared in films such as Shizumi Yu Ningyo and Aojiroki Bara. Sawa not here Nikkatsu in 1931 after the length where she disappeared with Minobe Susumu. She subsequently go to Shochiku Kamata, where she appeared in Ai no Tatakai. In Kanki no Hitoya she deliver a dazzling performance as the capital girl who seduced Oka Joji. After becoming a freelance actress, Sawa gave an impassioned performance as Okichi in Nikkatsu’s Onna Goroshi Abura Jigoku (The Ladykiller). Sawa chronic performing for the like of Teikoku Cinema, Nikkatsu and Shochiku until in circle 1950, specialize in the portrayal of the fashionable, tomboyish girl. Her adulation affair with the conductor Konoe Hidemaro was capably specified, and they well-designed one daughter mutually before separating.
Birth Notes: Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
She lived with music conductor Hidemaro Konoe.
Death Date: 11 January 2003
Birth Date: 25 July 1903

Hiromitsu Karasawa (cinematographer)
Death Date: 1980
Birth Date: 1900

Seika Shiba (director)


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