Paris Hilton tattoos

How Come that Paris Hilton Won a Tattoo Award when She has no Tattoos?

The socialite, heiress and celebrity, Paris Hilton is one of the top 25 tattooed celebrities ‘though she has nothing now on her body. It seems tattoos are not meant for a socialite like Paris Hilton, but she has an intense penchant for tattoos.

Once she had a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter on her right buttock but has been removed by laser. Her winning the top 25 tattooed celebrity award could be attributed to her passion for tattoos and losing her home movies and her fiancée. Her name is an excellent barometer of popularity in Hollywood.

If this is your first time to have a tattoo and you want to look like a celebrity, why not choose a Dragon as your style? Tattoo artists love to engrave the image of Dragons because they want to express their strong emotion thru these powerful creatures.

You are sure to impress anyone who sees the Dragon image in your body. It symbolizes strength for Chinese, power and wisdom. People sporting Dragon images are recognized to have those traits symbolized by their Dragon tattoos. Dragon designs are one of the most popular tattoos in the list of famous artists.

Paris Hilton tattoos

Paris Hilton tattoos

Paris Hilton tattoos

Paris Hilton tattoos

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