THE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO FESTIVALS: looks – jamie winstone

so jamie winstone’s look is farily fantastic.. comfort, sporty and clashing. sometimes it’s just her clothes but other times it can include her hair. amazing.
and at a festival.. well is there no other better time to start this look?

for example in this case jamie goes a little crazy with the comfort part by pairing the slippers with parker but by mixing 90′s hotpants with fluro shades and a bralet it has the beautiful clash! in this case i would wear bright coloured doc martens and a coloured denim jacket. also i would use a matching or maybe even a clashing coloured neon wig as well!

now on this occasion it actuallyturns out to be jamie more toned down.. scary! by sparying purple dye on her hair and pairing with american flag shorts its bright yet still chilled out.. this broves matchy matchy can be done. here is where i would suggest to get the flag shorts from here

going sporty, warm and comfy is a must because it’s incredible how much comfort you miss away from home.. especially in a field. so these pink denims i would actually suggest getting the ‘ankle grazer’ pastel coloured jeans from george at asda (i got mine in another post in lilac). the sporty jacket was on trend last year therefore i say pack away from it and stick to a patterned bomber jacket with a colourful print perhaps like a tropical one? which are bang on trend.

calling the troops! BOOM. these army hats are actually sold at most festivals and come in various colours, i saw a big stall with them last year. by using the crop top with fluro phrases but staying low key with khaki short and dark wellies makes it stand out even more:) then using a suprising lipstick.. ding dong.

so that is it for the looks but tomorrow we go onto hats and hairbands that are must haves! but i will also be making more moodboards and creating ‘THE BASICS’ section of what you need to take generally to survive as well as what to do with your hair and make up! wooooo!
till next time from a snoozey blogger,

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