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Ashley Judd Trails Mitch McConnell By A Mere 4 Points

 A new Public Policy Poll finds Ashley Judd to be only 4 points behind Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

And she’s not even in the race yet!

While Mitch McConnell is hugely unpopular, Ashley Judd has fans in all walks of life, across all political parties. She would bring young people to the voting booth like never before.

Senator Ashley Judd?

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Ashley Judd Slams Media for “Nasty” “Misogynistic” Comments

Ashley Judd Slams Media for "Nasty"  "Misogynistic" Comments

From the blog Beauty: Ashley Judd is no stranger to activism. The actress is a self-proclaimed advocate for human rights, social justice, and gender violence issues.

Ashley Judd Celebrity Hairstyles Fashion Makeup More

Ashley Judd Celebrity Hairstyles Fashion Makeup  More

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Cele bitchy » Ashley Judd

Cele bitchy » Ashley Judd

Here are some new photos of Ashley Judd yesterday, filming a segment for Extra. I’m sure she’s promoting Missing, but at this point, hardly anyone is talking

Ashley Judd Crying on the Inside James L Dickerson

Ashley Judd Crying on the Inside James L Dickerson

James L. Dickerson is an award-winning writer, author of the music histories “Mojo Triangle” and “Goin’ Back to Memphis.” As a biographer he also has authored books

Ashley Judd Information from Answers

Ashley Judd Information from Answers

Ashley Judd Biography Blessed with a rare combination of beauty, brains, and talent, actress Ashley Judd spent the 1990s gaining critical acclaim, industry

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 Ashley Judd Books Biography Blog Audiobooks Kindle

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ashley judd hairstyle pics Ashley Judd Hair Zimbio

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Women We Love Ashley Judd Beautiful Women Men's Fashion Best

September 30, 2000, 2:00 AM. Women We Love: Ashley Judd. children, killer depression, scratch biscuits, and further evidence of the superiority of celebrities.

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When Wynonna Judd wed drummer Cactus Moser at her farm in Leiper’s Fork, Tenn. June 10 — as revealed exclusively in the new Us Weekly — the guest list

Ashley Judd Op-Ed Hits Back At Media Over ‘Puffy Face’ Accusations

Ashley Judd Op-Ed Hits Back At Media Over 'Puffy Face' Accusations

Ashley Judd became the latest celeb to come under the media microscope last month, when she appeared on TV with a “puffy”-looking face. Unsurprisingly

Ashley Judd Exploring Senate Run Against Mitch McConnell (Video)

Ashley Judd, who lives in Tennessee, is seriously looking at running for the senate in Kentucky. That would be Mitch McConnell ‘s senate seat. It looks like the Tennessee Democratic Party blew it.

Good-bye Mitch:

The Hollywood movie star and eighth-generation Kentuckian is seriously exploring a 2014 run for the Senate to take on the powerful Republican leader, four people familiar with the matter tell POLITICO. In recent weeks, Judd has spoken with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) about the possibility of a run, has discussed a potential bid with a Democratic pollster and has begun to conduct opposition research on herself to see where she’s most vulnerable in the Bluegrass State, sources say.

Whether Judd jumps into the race remains far from certain. She’s reportedly also weighing whether to wait until 2016 to instead take on freshman Sen. Rand Paul, sources say. 

 “She is doing all the things that a serious candidate exploring a race
should do,” Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) told POLITICO after speaking with
her. “I think there are a lot of people, and I was one of them, who
wanted to let her know that her candidacy would be an exciting prospect
for us. That’s what I wanted her to know. A lot of the labor unions,
they were telling me that too.”


Ashley Judd ‘Doesn’t Know’ If She’d Make Kentucky Senate Run, Mother Says – Huffington Post

Ashley Judd ‘Doesn’t Know’ If She’d Make Kentucky Senate Run, Mother Says
Huffington Post
<a href=””><strong>Served from:</strong></a> 2001 to present Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) attends the National Clean Energy Summit 2.0 on August 10, 2009 in Las Vegas

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Hillary Clinton (and Ashley Judd!) shockingly strong in DEEP red Ky., per PPP

Public Policy Polling is out with a new poll in Kentucky that has some pretty interesting findings. You know a poll is good when the
biggest news IS NOT that Hollywood actress Ashley Judd (D) trails
Libertarian/Tea-Party darling incumbent Sen. Rand Paul (R) by just 1
point (in a state Obama lost last month 61-38%, no less)! No, the
biggest news out of this poll is the fact that Sec. of State Hillary
Clinton would lead BOTH home-state Sen. Paul and national rising star
Marco Rubio, 47-42% and 48-40%, respectively.

The result, according
to PPP President Dean Debnam, shows just how competitive Democrats
could be for the third presidential election cycle in a row:

“The fact that Hillary Clinton would be in a position to win Kentucky, perhaps more than any other data we’ve seen over the last month, shows what a formidable candidate she would be for President in 2016.”

makes Hillary’s numbers in Kentucky so miraculous is their deep
red-hue. Obama’s 2012 performance in the Bluegrass State is the worst
performance for any Democrat there since George McGovern’s weak showing
of 35% in 1972. Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry managed higher percentages
of the Ky. vote than Obama’s 38% last month. This makes PPP’s finding
that Hillary would defeat two big-name Republicans by 5-8 points very
significant because it would indicate a near-unheard of shift in the
electorate (35 points, comparing Hillary’s 48-40% edge over Rubio vs.
Romney’s 61-38% edge over Obama).

 Democratic percentage of vote in Kentucky Presidential election, 1960-2012

* = election year involving significant 3rd party vote (greater than 5%).

38% of the popular vote in Kentucky matches Humphrey in ’68 (who’s
margin was held down due to a 3rd party candidacy) and McGovern in ’72.
Clinton’s 47% and 48% against Paul and Rubio beats both of her husband’s
performances in the state
(which he won twice, keep in mind).
Hillary’s 48/42% favorability rating, while down significantly from her
national rating of 57/36%, is still strong for a national
Democrat in a conservative state.

Beyond Hillary’s and Judd’s poll numbers, PPP also finds their poll sample self-identifying as Democrats by larger margins than in 2008 and 2010. Their sample of “Kentucky voters” was 52% Democrat,  37% Republican, and 11% Independent, or D+15. In 2008, when Obama lost the state by just 16 points, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 9 points (Obama lost by 23 last Nov.). Unfortunately, exit pollsters limited their polling this election cycle to a limited number of states, and Kentucky did not make the final cut, thus no 2012 numbers. Furthermore, in 2010, Republicans actually outnumbered Democrats by 2 points (40R / 38D/ 22I). PPP’s party ID finding is 6 points more Democratic than it was in 2008, and 17 points more Democratic than in 2010.

Because of these disparities, how would Hillary Clinton be performing against home-town boy Rand Paul, under either a 2008 OR 2010 turnout scenario?

PPP poll weighted to 2008 CNN Kentucky exit poll:

PPP poll weighted to 2010 CNN Kentucky exit poll:

IF the 2016 Kentucky electorate happens to resemble the 2008 electorate, AND IF PPP’s other findings resemble the actual result, Clinton’s 5 point lead over Sen. Rand Paul evaporates to a TIE, 44-44%. In the event the electorate resembles 2010, Paul actually takes a 7 point, 47-40% lead.

Don’t get me wrong. The fact that any Democrat is even close in Kentucky after the pummeling Obama just received is a terrible situation for Republicans. And if PPP’s party I.D. finding winds up being reflective of the 2016 electorate, Democrats will be in much better shape than they were in  November. But if the electorate looks more like 2010, not even the nation’s most popular Democrat could win in Kentucky. Democrats will be much better served praying Hillary doesn’t run rather than praying for a 2010-style electorate.