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Nobody Plays Evil Like Cheryl Tiegs

Nobody plays evil like Cheryl Tiegs on Lifetime. I’m just sayin. Oh sorry. I meant Madchen Amick.

Twofer Twosday Bonus Bigguns: Cheryl Tiegs

A regular fargin’ treat for all you boobaholics tonight.  Yep, a special edition to send you into the night with mammories of years gone by.  Many thanks to Tony and Wilbon on PTI for pointing out that today is Cheryl Tiegs’ 65th birthday.  Not sure about the rest of you guys, but I dated Cheryl Tiegs quite often in junior high, so her birthday is extra special to me.  You remember what I’m talking about… the see through mesh one-piece, the waterfalls, the missing centerfold staples.  From 1975-1980, Cheryl was the reason every guy looked forward to February.  And today, she turns 65.  Happy Birthday Cheryl.  Thanks for all those late night talks.

Aahhh…. the memories.  Sure, Kathy Ireland and Elle MacPherson were awesome.  But the First Lady of Junior High Boners is and always will be Cheryl Tiegs.  Hard to believe those babies are turning 65 today.

And the hot little minx has held up well as a cougar too….  good friggin’ genes right there defying the fuck out of gravity and just making the AARP her bitch!  

Okay… that’s enough stalling.  Sons of Anarchy is coming on.  Gotta go grab a beer and a seat.   Seeya around the hump.

Kathy Davis Cheryl Tiegs GlamourMagazine 1966

Happy Birthday, Cheryl Tiegs!

Today marks the 65th Birthday – yes, I said 65!!! – of Super Model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Icon Cheryl Tiegs.  I know that many of you are probably disappointed that I didn’t reproduce THAT one special photo, and you know the one I’m talking about, but I try to keep this blog family friendly.  Anyway, the above pic shows Miss Tiegs in her prime, but I think that even a more recent photo will prove that this is one senior citizen that is still gettin’ it done.

Happy Birthday, indeed, to Cheryl Tiegs!

Models, Revisited – More Of Cheryl Tiegs

More of Cheryl Tiegs today – and this one is especially for Tina.
The last time I wrote a post about Cheryl Tiegs, she mentioned a picture from a magazine that she had torn out and saved years ago – and I was so tickled when I found it!! Here it is, below, a 1968 advertisement for Carefree Tampons:

This one is an Almay ad, as you can see:

A close-up from an ad for Orange Blossom Diamonds:

And just one more – California Girl, from Clairol:

All of these are from a 1968 Seventeen Magazine in my own collection. 1968 – precisely the year Tina thought it was. Good memory, Sis!. Love ‘ya!
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