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Aruji no Oose no Mama ni

Aruji no Oose no Mama ni

Alternative title(s) : 主のおおせのままに, Arujino Ooseno Mamani, Your Word Is My Command
Released In : 2005
Author(s) : Taishi Zaou
Artist(s) : Taishi Zaou
Categories : Love Triangle, Student Council, Master-Servant Relationship
Groups Scanlating : Bliss, Peccatore Sanctuary
Genre(s) : Comedy, School Life, Yaoi
Status : Completed
Synopsis :

Collection of oneshots, the majority of which are extra of the author’s other works.

1) Your Word Is my Command (Aruji no Oose no Mama ni)
Nanjou Hiroaki always finds himself unconsciously taking care of others. But soon, he becomes conflicted and guilty when he realizes that he has grown to rely on his underclassman Asouzu…

2) Seppun Kindan Shoujouchuu
Student council tagalong Takafu is used to being close to his friend the president, but it’s underclassman Niyuu who keeps kissing him! Can the super dense Takafu figure out why he’s suddenly so irresistible to the younger man?

3) Fujino-kun’s Revolt [Electric Hands Extra]

4) Ootsuka Family’s Weekend [sequel to Brothers Battle, third story of Electric Hands]

5) Higan Tassei hi [Damarashite Katarazu Hitomi de Otose Extra]

6) Jinsei Kouro [Renai Yuugi Extra]

7) Zipped Open [Koi wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono extra]

8) Koi wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono [extra of the release of the same name]

9) Birthday Present [Koi wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono extra]

“Waltz of Mischief” chapter 1 – Avaritia

Waltz of Mischief

Chapter 1 – Avaritia

January, 10 2004
The air is very cold outside, although it doesn’t snowing. Well that’s what can I expect from winter. Most of the roads are covered by snows; it will be hard to head out today. I get up and wash my face with cold water.
“Ahh, you’re awake already? How unusual.” A girl’s voice is coming from outside.
“What is it Saya? Please don’t ruin my beautiful morning.”
“How can a cute lady like me ruin your day?” She asked with a weird tone. ”Anyways I’m going to head out for a while; mom has cooked your breakfast so get up and rise already!”
“Alright alright I get it.”

I head out from my room and get my breakfast. It’s an omurice, smells good and looks tasty.
“My my, you are early today Yuki. Good morning.”
“Good morning ma’am, your cooking tastes great as usual.”
“Oh thank you, your mouth is sweet as always,” said Miwa, Saya’s mother. “If you are up early then you must be have a job to do out there right?”
“Yeah, my boss called yesterday. She said there’s a case for me to handle.”
“Oh well, good luck and take care out there Yukihiro.”
 “Thanks ma’am, I will.”
I took my jackets and head outside. The air is really cold and the most  thing i hate is the slippery road. As I leave the Fujino household, some of the neighbors greet me outside. Fujino family is well respected, wealthy and also hated by some people. Well that’s not my concern for now, I must hurry or boss will scold me for hours.
At least I arrived at my boss’s place. It’s messy, and books are everywhere on this room.
“Misaki-san, good morning,” I greet her.
“Good morning boy, you know the reason I why I called you right?
“It’s about that serial murder right??”
“Yeah, the victim wasn’t connected in any manner. They’re all mutilated, killed brutally.”

“Are you sure they aren’t connected each other?”
“Well they’re all got the records of corruption on their company. That’s all.”
“Another weird motive, huh? You always call me for these things.” I said monotonously.
“This one is Kamui Hirogane, a salesman; he was once reported on a corruption case and here is…” said Misaki as she passed me the photos. “So what do you think?”
There are 5 photos; the first is the overall condition of the corpse; the second is his right hand holding a hatchet; the third is his left hand, his fingers are even separated from the hand; the fourth is his legs and the fifth is his belongings.
Humans that had been killed in an inhuman way are not a human anymore.
 “It’s terrible, what else do the police got?”
“No fingerprints available on the hatchet except his own. It’s like his cutting apart his bodies by himself to suicide.” She pours a hot tea for me, “I think you should be able to see what’s happened to the corpse right?”
“Well yeah, where is the crime scene?” I asked, and then I drink my hot tea.
“Come with me, I will accompany you today,” she said as she smiled. “If my guesses are right, it would be dangerous for you to do you sightseeing.”
As soon as we’re done with our tea, she took her key and we head out to the scene. It’s in the depths of a narrow alley; the wall is full of foul gravities and it got a bloodstain on it. The smell of a corpse is still in the air. I looked at Misaki’s face; she nodded like she can read my mind. Then I proceed to touch bloodstain on the wall.
“Be careful Yukihiro. Don’t forget to stop when it reaches the killing scene or you will die just like the victim.” she said as she draws a pentagram.
“What is that for?”
“A protection barrier, might be useful.”
“Well I do sense an eerie aura around here. Be careful Misaki-san, I can’t fight when my soul is in the past.” I said as I begin to transcend into the blood owner’s past.           
  January, 1 2004
I was on my way home with my daughter, Yukari. The air is cold and it’s snowing. She is dancing on the street, imagining herself as a snow princess, I laughed as I saw my daughter. The smile on my face suddenly disappeared when we’re getting close to my house. There are police cars outside and my wife is being questioned. I run with Yukari into my house and I asked the police.

 “What happened here?”
“Excuse me sir, are you Kamui Hirogane from the Gengai Corp.?” The young police asked.
“I am, what do you need from me sir?” I asked in confusion.
“You’re under arrest for the corruption you have done in Gengai.”
I come with the police, handcuffed. Yukari is crying; and my wife looked panic. Corruption? I never do that in the company, someone must be accusing me. I’m being placed in a dirty cell, alone. In the depths of my confusion, I heard a voice.
“How is it Kamui? A fitting end of a loser isn’t it?”
“Y-you, Kirihara!?  Are you plotting all of this?”
“How brute. Of course I’m not. This is all because of your kindness Kamui.” He smirked.
“What do you mean?”
“You are the one who corrupted the money of course, and I made you to do so with this.” He shows a golden bell from his pocket.
“B-but how? I don’t even remember any of it. We’re best friends aren’t we?”
“Do you ever hear the tale of kitsune-mochi? I bet you won’t believe if I told you I am one of them. Well don’t worry Kamui, as you rot in the jail, I will take care of your wife and your daughter.” He said as he walked away from my cell.
I sit down, making a dumb face. How can this be?  My wife and Yukari are in danger. That Kirihara is a beast. I need to get out from this place. I have to protect my family. Kitsune-mochi… are they really exists?
Too much trust for the others can get you into more trouble.
January, 10 2004
 So the hatchet on his hand will be used to kill Kirihara. But he got possessed by the fox and killed himself. Kamui breaks out from the prison and get killed.
“Do you get what we needed already?”
“It’s a kitsune-mochi, what the hell is that?” I asked.
“I believe they are some sort of magician, they are using fox spirits as familiar.” She said, “Local mage huh? Do you think you can handle this Yukihiro?”
“My job is only to kill the kitsune-mochi right? It’s easy.”

“Ha! You always said that but in the end you never killed the mage.” She smiles, “let’s go home, I will track him.”
As we get into the office, Misaki starts to chant a spell. She said she was a witch apprentice at the first time of our meeting, and it’s true. She said she won’t use any offensive magic so she needs a hit man, and I was chosen as one.
“He’s on the abandoned school nearby. Perhaps you know about it.”
“I know, the burnt building right?” I start to wear my jackets.
“Don’t forget your weapon.”
“What am I? A kid?” I took my katana and walked through the door.
It’s nighttime already, the air is just extremely cold. I walked my way into the abandoned building. The gate is locked, I decided to climb the wall and get inside. Everything inside is messy, as expected from a burnt building. I can even feel deaths around the corridor and classes. I begin to comb the areas.
Suddenly my body felt heavy, I can’t move by my own. Am I possessed? My sight is starting to blur. Damn it I’m really into killing that guy. I feel a strange sensation, it’s like Misaki’s but it’s different. My hand is starting to move by its own, unsheathing my katana and pointing it into my leg and then, it pierces me.
“How does that feel young boy?” a man’s voice is coming from the stairs.
“Not bad, Kirihara isn’t it?”I talked back, enduring the pain.
“Hmph, an arrogant one aren’t you? What are you doing here?
“You can tell by looking can’t you? I came to kill you.”
My hand moved again, it tears the wound on my leg.
“So you can dive into someone’s past huh? Interesting.”
“Not as handy as your foxes, can you pull the one inside me out? I hate being controlled.”
“Fool, why must I listen to your order? He said as he walked towards me and took a golden bell out. “I will kill you now boy.”
I smiled; I pulled out my katana from my leg and slashed him. The place starts to getting red by blood.
“Gahh!! What the hell? You are in kitsunetsuki aren’t you? Why can you slash me?” he asked.
“It’s my sword’s doing, not me.”
Underestimating and overestimating can sometimes turn you upside down and downside up. 

I begin to run to the upstairs, thinking hard why the boy can still move by his own will in kitsunetsuki. My wound is getting wider as I run. That katana must be the reason; maybe it’s chanted by a purifying power. I opened the door to the rooftop and ring my bell to summon all of my foxes. My heart is beating very fast. Will I die today? No.

“You tricked your friend to get money, and thinking about getting his wife and his daughter aren’t you?”

A young boy’s voice is coming from downstairs, as his footsteps grew closer.

He appeared under the full moon, holding a bloody sword with his right hand, with his left hand tied into his chest and his wounded leg wrapped by his jacket’s sleeve. His eyes glows red like a demon.

“You looked gallant, one armed boy.” I said as I order my foxes to kill him.

“Can’t you see I have 2 hands? It’s only I can move my left arm!”

He wields his katana around under the moon, dodging my foxes and slashes them into pieces. So that katana can cut out spirits, then there’s nothing left I can do.

“A fitting end for a loser isn’t it, Kirihara?” he said; pointing his katana into me.

“You are a tough one huh? It fits your arrogance.” I said as I smiled and walked away from him.

Do you think dying will erase these bloods on my hands? Is it fair for us? We are being hunted since in the past. Those who got caught by the folks will be burn alive. My family is a kind one, my parents also teaches me to not use foxes as tools of greed, but one day I witnessed it myself, how my parents died protecting me; how they burn down my houses along with my siblings. 

I decided to take revenge, by stealing their wealth. As the civilization grows, people starts to leave myths. Actually that made me easier to act. I enjoyed all of my actions, the more i get the better. But now this boy founds out about me, he might be chosen by my ancestors to stop me from tainting the fox spirits.

“What is your name boy?” I asked him my last question.

“I don’t know, I have no memories of my past you see. But peoples called me Yukihiro” He answered me with plain tone.

“I see, farewell Yukihiro. Maybe we will meet again in the afterlife.” I said as I smiled.
January, 11 2004
It’s 03:00 am now, and I’m walking straight to the Fujino household. I mailed my boss about the kitsune-mochi, I never expected him to jump down from the roof. At least I arrived at the house; I entered the house from the secret passage and get in my room from the window as usual.
“You are late Yukihiro-kun!” a voice rings outside my room.
“S-saya? You should go to bed already, its past midnight.”
 “Am I a kid? Anyways, you did a good job. Don’t forget to treat your leg; you might get an infection from that wound.” And then she said, “Goodnight Yukihiro-kun.”
“T-thank you, and goodnight Saya.”
  Avaritia – end

Tokyo Hot k0348 – Haruka Fujino

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TOKYO-HOT e556 Rumi Fujino

TOKYO-HOT e556 Rumi Fujino
TOKYO-HOT e556 Rumi Fujino
TOKYO-HOT 2012-03-21 e556 Rumi Fujino 藤野ルミ 1441P/674M

APD-10 38-year-old Hiromi Palace Fujino New Plump Mature Woman

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