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Kazue Fukiishi turns 30 today, a look through the years #1

 Kazue is another fave of mine who I’ve sort of ignored, only one post for her from a TV movie she was in this July, for some reason she hasn’t been in enough mags or other assorted things which is hard to believe because she truly is one fantastic looking woman. Do have some things which I’ve had for a while and keep forgetting to post here, guess today is the perfect time as she’s turning 30 today so have some really superb posts with many things of Kazue coming up, to start off this is her YSVW #29 spread from I think 2001, has well over 100 pics, think you’ll really like it.

 As I said it’s got over 100 pics, too many to post so this is probably even better, you can download the entire spread right here:

Kazue Fukiishi turns 30 today, a look through the years #2

 This Kazue spread is from 2002 and is entitled PJ, not sure what exactly it was for, wasn’t a photobook nor from a mag, think it was a special series that featured others besides her, it’s Vol. 1 so will try to hunt down the others to see who else is in them but it’s quite rare so may have a hard time finding more, however that doesn’t matter because what really matters is Kazue in these pics, if you’re a fan you know how magnificent she looks, if you don’t know much about her then check these out!

Kazue Fukiishi turns 30 today, a look through the years #3, mag scans 1

 Not too many mag scans that feature Kazue but she makes up for the lack of quantity for the quality of them, some really terrific spreads here, especially the first one which is her best, Kazue looks just too good to describe.

Anan 2010.

Shukan Bunshun, October 7, 2010 issue.

Weekly Playboy #33, August 2010.

 Weekly Playboy #34, August 2011.

Kazue Fukiishi turns 30 today, a look through the years #5

 And to end off the mini birthday tribute for Kazue have some really fine looking pics of her here, actually do have a few spreads that will be posted, will wait a bit on them as don’t want to use all her pics too quickly, enjoy these and hope you did with all her other posts, really one fine looking woman.

Kankuro Kudo and Kazue Fukiishi star in big screen “GeGeGe no Nyōbō”

by Chris MaGee
It was last spring when news came out that a biopioc about the lives of “Gegege no Kitaro” creator Shigeru Mizuki and his wife of 48-years Nunoe Mura was going to be coming to the screen. What many of us thought was going to be one project ended up being two – the first a TV drama series that aired last year on NHK and that starred Osamu Mukai as legendary manga artist Mizuki and Nao Matsushita as his wife. That TV drama ended up doing very poorly in the ratings, but that hasn’t deterred producers (one of which is longtime Pow-Wow friend Atsuko Ohno) from bringing the feature film adaptation of Nunoe Mura’s autobiography “GeGeGe no Nyōbō (Spooky Wife)” to the big screen.

Nippon Cinema is reporting that director Takuji Suzuki’s take on “GeGeGe no Nyōbō” is getting ready for its international premiere at the 32nd annual Pia Film Festival next month. This time around Mura will be portrayed by 27-year-old actress Kazue Fukiishi (above right) and that Shigeru Mizuki will be portrayed by… can you guess by looking at that man on the left? You might not recognize him without his usual floppy beah hat, but that is “Ping Pong” and “Zebraman” screenwriter Kankuro Kudo.

After it’s premiere at PFF next month Japanese audiences can expect to see Suzuki’s “GeGeGe no Nyōbō” in theatres in November. Check back this Friday for more news on this year’s Pia Film Festival, but for now here’s an interview with the actual Shigeru Mizuki and Nunoe Mura from Japanese TV.