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Frank and His Girls

Today is day 2 of rehearsals for “Frank and His Girls”…Kace and I open the show with Me and My Shadow which is hilarious.  We used to sing that song when we were little – it is a blast going back and singing it again!

Isn’t he handsome?  His music was beautiful then and is beautiful now.  Truly some of the best songs to come out of the American Songbook.

We’re learning staging today so wish us luck!!

Kate & Kacey Coppola Split With Big Machine Records

Twin sisters Kate and Kacey Coppola have mutually parted ways with Big Machine Records without ever having released a full-length album it was announced this week.

“Kacey and I are no longer with Big Machine,” said Kate on their MySpace page. “It happened a little while back, and it’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever gone through. They weren’t wanting to put out new music quite as fast as we were hoping, and for that and other reasons, we decided to move on.”

“One of the main reasons why we feel OK with this is because of you guys. You are so supportive of us….regardless of what label we’re signed to, what tour we’re on, if we have a video on CMT or not. We cannot even begin to express to you how AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and LIFE SAVING you are…thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do for us every single day.”

The duo also said they “decided to continue and record our music the way we want to. Hope that’s ok with y’all. We’re going in the studio in the next few weeks, and we’ll be putting out our NEW record (cross your fingers!) by late spring/early summer! “

Their debut single and only single released by Big Machine Records was “Dreaming Love”, which peaked at 51.

Before signing with Big Machine, Kate and Kacey were contestants on the CMT show “Can You Duet?” where they made it to the semi-finals.

A Couple Rossi Morreale and Kacey Coppola Get Married

A Couple Rossi Morreale and Kacey Coppola Get Married

Rossi Morreale, host of ABC’s “Dancing in the Dark,” married Kacey Coppola, one half of identical twin country duo Kate and Kacey, on August 7. The barefoot beach wedding took place at the Grande Antigua Resort and Spa in front of 60 guests. According to ETonline, the couple were married by Morreale’s childhood minister and an Antiguan marriage officer. Kacey’s twin sister Kate served as “twin of honor” while their older sister Kara was matron of honor. (Kacey took on maid of honor duties in Kate’s Colorado wedding last year.) Morreale and Coppola met on the set of “Can You Duet” in 2008. They got engaged in Playa Del Carmen.

Burnin’ the Midnight Oil…

Ok….so here’s the thing…
Doing a country show with our band on a big ‘ol stage in Kansas….
And doing a Theater show with a 10 piece big band singing Frank Sinatra standards….
are 2 very different things:)

But alas, that’s what’s what in the Coppola girls’ world today!

We’ve had 2 rehearsals and tonight???


I say we are burning the midnight oil because in show business (especially the Broadway business),
there is no rest for the weary.  You’re gonna dance your little hiney off in 3 inch character shoes, learn 10 new songs with harmonies, memorize 2 page monologues in 15 minutes, all the while looking fabulous in sequined ball gowns, feathered eyelashes, and cherry red lips…

And you’re gonna love every minute of it! 

So excuse the short post: I’m just gonna grab one more cup of joe and sashay my way onstage. 
Frank and His Girls

You don’t wanna miss this one:)

Let’s just say Kate and I aren’t in Kansas anymore.


We Have A Blog!

Welcome to our new website slash blog!  I’m just gonna jump right and in let you all know what’s coming up for Kacey and me :>)
We are finally back in the same city together! It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!  I moved back to California, and crazy enough am moving into a house right down the street from Kacey and Rossi….double trouble strikes again!
Be sure to come out to our 1 night only show at the Encore Dinner Theater in Tustin, CA this Friday night!  It’s a Frank Sinatra review (some of our favorite music of all time) called “Frank and His Girls”.  Show starts at 7:30pm!