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KAWANA Shiori [CDC] 2008.06

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Depois de uns dias sem postar ensaios por problemas de tempo e de conexão, nada melhor do que um ensaio sensual para encerrar esta sexta dia 10 de julho. Escolhi uma modelo novata: SHIORI KAWANA em 10 fotos.

[Tokyo-Hot n0158] The Black Cannon – Mai Kawana

video: 640×480 01:12:44 29.97fps XviD
audio: 48KHz 01:12:44 Stereo MP3

Studio: Tokyo-Hot
Starring: Mai Kawana
Uncensored / Без Цензуры

Desc: The black actor appears in TOKYO HOT at the last. The insult has been done as much as possible with a fat cock that shines blackish. And, it is MAI KAWANA of popular actress who is inserted the black’s fat cock. It is made to fuck to MAI who seriously dislike while floating tears on a fat black cock more than the imagination though she has been fucked up to now with various cocks. Of course, it is vaginal cum shot at the end. The regular size pussy of MAI cannot swallow the all the semen and is a deluge for powerful cum shot of black. Please satisfy the appearance of MAI who is driven in to the limit by unbelievable hard sex. MAI of police woman finds the car of the illegal parking and puts the check with the pen immediately. Police woman MAI doesn’t permit though young guys of owner of car entreated to forgive it. Young guy abducts MAI as soon as understand entreat is useless. MAI is taken into men’s rooms and insult play starts though she resists. The vibs and rotor toy attack starts for pussy of MAI who is made to take off a uniform gradually. In addition, men violently attack the pussy with many of fat toys. And cock is inserted in the mouth in the place where it has gotten wet between groins. MAI has a fit of coughing and shows tears for the compulsion fellatio that cock is inserted into throat deeply. A man who desire for the appearance of the MAI who dislikes it starts playing in the bed. Man enjoy the fucking at the missionary, back, woman on top and made cum shot at the missionary posture at the last. The pant voice that MAI screams is so lascivious. Their friend’s two blacks intrude into to the place where another man tries to make vaginal cum shot. Two blacks go into raptures to seeing MAI who just has been made fuck get excited and abduct her and move to another place. The blacks of the excitement feeling immediately insert the cock in mouth of MAI. MAI is attacked by the violent finger fuck at the same time she opens a mouth so that a chin seems to come off, and to stuff her mouth with a cock. In continues, it develops into 3P play that thick black cock pierces from back. After made raw fucking, MAI immediately blots the love juice that becomes cloudy. In addition, it rushes into 3P play from which another cock is inserted in the interior of the throat while being made from the under to the skewer at the woman on top posture. Then, they move to the bed and the fellatio is compelled while fucking at the missionary posture. MAI is exhausted and lost power to resist by the blacks’ hard sex like the mass of the sexual desire. Then the accident happens to MAI while making fuck at the woman on top posture. Because the black cannon cock was too large, the opening of uterus is pressed. However, the cock is inserted by force and MAI ejaculates with crying. Yes, it is carnivorous human race indeed. They will thoroughly bully MAI without mercy until she breaks. The last is the vaginal cum shot at the back posture. In a moment that black’s semen flowed backward from the pussy that extends tragically and another black thick cock insert into her pussy immediately and fucking start at the missionary posture. It is so lascivious spectacle that the cannon black cock pushes forcibly and expands the pussy of pink color, and insert in and out vagina many time. The mass of thick semen flows backward from vagina that trembles with convulsion by reverberations of the piston for a long time after the black cannon cock is pulled out. MAI who receives great stress from mind and body sweat much and is disheveled of her hair. She seems like another person from the beginning. The last is cum shower party by the Japanese boys. When it leaves pussy that was polluted by a black, it cannot keep honor of a Japanese boy, therefore several semen is injected by Japanese boys. 11 people continuously make beautiful face of MAI dirty with semen. MAI may dislike to be poured semen on her face, she frowns every time semen is pore. But behavior to hate gets excited. It is very emotional in MAI made dirty with a black, Japanese semen. However, Japanese slut opens the neat pussy very easily when they hang on a black cannon cock. Well, will think that the slut excluding MAI also insult by the collaboration of semen in Japan-U.S. in the future. Therefore, our company requests the black’s cooperation and concludes the Japan-U.S. cock agreement in advance of the government.

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Natrium – Elegy for the Flesh

This is probably the “slammiest” album I’ll ever post here.  Actually, it’s really more in-line with Suffocation-worship Brutal Death.  Which is good, because actual Slam Death sucks.  To me Slam is just a novelty, basically, the lowest-brow Death Metal there is.  And probably owes much of it’s popularity to Metalinquisition.  People don’t listen to Slam because it’s good, they listen to it because it follows a particular formula.  There are exceptions like Wormed, that are actually trying to push boundaries.  But pretty much any Slam band can be considered the Waka Flocka Flame of Death Metal; cheap and stupid, delivering on  a very “guilty-pleasure” level.  
Anyway, back to this record…  Natrium (which sounds a lot like a granola bar) is part of the recent explosion of Italic Tech Death these past few years.  What probably sets them apart is that they don’t sound all that modern.  Not that they sound old-school at all, but there’s a surprising lack of gravity-blasts and annoying cricket-vocals here.  There are slow, chugging parts (“slamz”), but they’re actually rather tasteful, not incessant.  This is actually just good Brutal Death Metal… Something I’m always up for.


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