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Pilots: Mädchen Amick, Jeffrey Tambor, Kelli Garner, Natalie Dormer, Sasha Roiz, More Get Cast

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Another bunch of casting news from the pilot front.

- Mädchen Amick (“Twin Peaks”) has landed the female lead in NBC’s drama pilot S.I.L.A., which is a project in the vein of “Traffic” and “Syriana”, centering around crime, politics and law enforcement in today’s Los Angeles. Amick plays successful Century City lawyer Mary, a woman from a blue-collar background. Danny Pino has already been cast as a detective, and Daniella Alonso plays a newscaster type who is the press liaison for L.A. Mayor Virgilio Zaragoza.

- Jonah Lotan (“CSI: NY”, “24”) is cast as the male lead, and Kelli Garner (“My Generation”) has joined the cast of ABC’s drama pilot “Pan Am, to be directed by Thomas Schlamme. It’s a sexy soap about the flight attendants and the pilots of the once successful airline during the jet set age in the 1960s, starring Christina Ricci. Lotan plays confident and charismatic Dean, who has just been named Captain of the amazing Pan Am clipper the Majestic. Michael Mosley (“Scrubs”) and Margot Robbie have already been cast. Garner plays Kate, a sharply-intelligent, tri-lingual stewardess who has a rebel side.

- Brian Hallisay (“Privileged”) has come aboard “Awakening”, The CW’s zombie thriller pilot about two sisters, Jenna (Lucy Griffiths) and Jayce (Meredith Hagner), who come of age and battle one another in the middle of a starting zombie uprising. Hallisay plays Jenna’s handsome boyfriend.

- Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”) and Margo Harshman (“Run of the House”, “Even Stevens”) have been added to NBC’s single-camera romantic comedy pilot “Bent”. It’s about Alex (Amanda Peet), a recently divorced single mother with Type A behavior who is trying hard not to fall for surfer dude contractor Pete (David Walton), who is hired by her to renovate her kitchen. Tambor plays Pete’s father, a former actor who lives with his son and needs to be driven everywhere. He plays the piano in the Nordstrom lobby, and wants to get back in the game. Plus, he still chases after the ladies. Harshman plays Alex’ younger sister.

- Ben Koldyke (“Big Love”, “How I Met Your Mother”) has grabbed the second lead alongside Amaury Nolasco in “Work It”, ABC’s multi-camera comedy pilot about two out-of work car salesmen, Lee (Koldyke) and Angel (Nolasco), who decide to cross-dress to find work again in today’s women’s world, as they see it.

- Rick Gomez (“Justified”) and Richard T. Jones (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) are both coming aboard “Council of Dads”, the FOX comedy pilot that is to be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. It centers on Michael who, before he dies, enlists five of his buddies from all over his life to become a “council of dads” for his two young children. Gomez plays the “fitness dad”, who is very intense about the kids doing exercises, eat the right stuff and stay lean and mean. Jones is cast as the “homework dad”. Diane Farr, Patrick Breen and Ken Howard also star.

- Natalie Dormer (“The Tudors”) has beene set as the female lead opposite Christopher Egan in ABC’s drama pilot “Poe”. It’s about Edgar Allan Poe (Egan), the world’s very first detective, who solves dark mysteries in Boston during the 1840s. Dormer plays Celeste, a beatutiful spitfire with a firm moral center. She serves as the logical yin to Poe’s utterly wildly theoretical yang. She also inherited the newspaper for which Poe writes articles from her fiance who died mysteriously.

- Judith Light (“Who’s The Boss?”) is cast in a regular part on ABC’s “Other People’s Kids”, the comedy pilot to be directed by Michael Fresco. It centers on Adam (Jesse Bradford), an irresponsible 32-year old man who finds himself thrown into an insta-family once he falls in love with oder woman Michelle (Bonnie Somerville), who has two children, an ex-husband and ex-in-laws. Light plays Michelle’s eccentric, meddling mother-in-law.

- Brooke D’Orsay (“Royal Pains”, “Gary Unmarried”) is cast as the female lead in ABC’s multi-camera comedy pilot “Smothered”. It revolves around young couple Zack (Kyle Howard) and Gillian (D’Orsay), who get literally smothered by their two sets of very diffrerent parents.

- Gabriel Mann (“Mad Men”) joins Connor Paolo (“Gossip Girl”) in ABC’s drama pilot “Revenge”. The story is a modern re-telling of “The Count of Monte Christo” from a female perspective. It centers on Emily (Emily VanCamp), a mysterious woman coming to the Hamptons to exact revenge on those who destroyed her family. Mann plays sort of a mix between Howard Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg, a thirtysomething tech genius-turned-social misfit. With his wealth, he serves as Emily’s personal benefactor.

- Brian F. O’Byrne (“FlashForward”) will co-star in “Prime Suspect”, NBC’s drama pilot based on the the British series. It centes on Jane Timoney (Maria Bello), an iconoclastic female detective who has to stand her ground in a male-dominent New York precinct. O’Byrne plays a detective of the squad who cut Jane out of working cases. Aidan Quinn and Toby Stephens co-star.

- Sasha Roiz (“Caprica”) is filling out the last regular role on NBC’s “Grimm”, the drama pilot st in a world where characters from Grimm’s fairy tales exist. Billed as a dark, fantastical cop drama, it centers on Nick Burckhardt (David Giuntoli), a detective who sees humans as beasts/animals, and has the legacy to protect “humans” from these beasts. Roiz plays the police captain.

- Kevin Chapman (“Brotherhood”) has come aboard CBS’ drama pilot “Person of Interest”, produced by J.J. Abrams and written by Jonah Nolan (brother of Christopher). It’s a crime drama about a CIA agent (Jim Caviezel), who is presumed dead and recruited by a billionaire (Michael Emerson) to fight against violent criminals in New York City. Chapman plays a NY homicide detective helping them.

- Arielle Kebbel (“Life Unexpected”) has joined Marc Cherry’s ABC drama pilot “Hallelujah”, which tells the story of a town ripped apart by the forces of good and evil. But things turn for the better once a stranger comes into town, brining peace, justice and possibly faith back to the townspeople. Kebbel plays a sexy young siren.

- Afton Williamson (David Mamet’s “Race” on Broadway) has been added to the untitled Susannah Grant supernatural medical drama pilot for CBS, to be directed by Jonathan Demme. It’s about an ultra-competitive surgeon (Patrick Wilson) who sees his life changing once his ex-wife (Jennifer Ehle) a doctor running a free clinic, dies and starts to teach him life’s lessons from the afterlife. Williamson plays a social worker.

Source: Deadline

Agnes Bruckner and Kelli Garner bikini

Pan Am TV Cast: Kelli Garner

“People have underestimated me my entire life. They’ve been wrong.”

Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron, a trilingual (in English, French, and Italian) stewardess and Laura Cameron’s elder sister.

Competitive by nature, Kate has lived in the shadow of her younger sister, Laura, all of her life. Kate rebelled against the life that was chosen for her, that of a wife, a mother and instead spread her own wings to fly. Joining Pan Am was her escape; at least until Laura signed on. Now Kate must learn to manage her past with her present. But she takes on an even greater challenge when she agrees to spy for the CIA; a role which makes her unique as she navigates a whole new world of espionage and intrigue.

Name: Kelli Garner
Birth: Apr 11, 1984
Place: Kern County, California
Country: United States
Height: 1.65M
Measurements: 36D-23-33 inch
Occupation: Actress

Kelli Garner

Kelli Garner, Juno Temple y Joe Anderson se unen al reparto de “Horns”

Ayer mismo dimos cuenta de la adición de Max Minghella al reparto de “Horns” cinta de corte fantástico que va a dirigir Alexandre Aja y a protagonizar Daniel Radcliffe.

Hoy comentamos más incorporaciones, en este caso, d elos actores Joe Anderson, Kelli Garner (en la foto) y Juno Temple.

La cinta trata sobre un joven que despierta con un par de cuernos que le otorgan poders que usa para intentar descubrir quien violó y asesinó a su novia.

Cosas más raras he visto, y algunas de ellas en la vida real.