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COMPLEX — Be My Baby


                            BE MY BABY!

                                     BE MY BABY!                                                        

That hair! Those pants! That strut! Guess what the title is? I have to say that when I hear the expression “simple is best” as applied to Japanese music videos, this would be the arch example. I’d thought for the longest time that this was a BOOWY song because of the presence of Tomoyasu Hotei(布袋寅泰), but nope….once Hotei finished his time with Kyosuke Himuro(氷室京介), he hooked up with Koji Kikkawa(吉川晃司) in 1988.

And may I say that Kikkawa is a great name for a J-Rocker….Kikkawa….KICK!

The unit of Kikkawa and Hotei was then dubbed COMPLEX, and as it turned out, it was more than just a name; it kinda described the relationship between them which apparently imploded a couple of years later. Ah, well…..Kikkawa’s loss, Miki Imai’s gain. Anyways, their debut single, “Be My Baby”, written by Kikkawa and composed by Hotei, debuted right at No. 1 when it was released in April 1989. I knew I was in for something completely different when I caught the video and saw the guys chanting the title before they started making moves like Jagger. Kikkawa just went to town with that voice of his while Hotei danced his stuff like a daddylonglegs on acid. And it was just one camera and a pure white set. Very effective in a minimalist way.

“Be My Baby” eventually became the 39th-ranked song of the year. It’s also a track on the unit’s debut album, “COMPLEX” which also hit the top spot on Oricon. That tune takes me back as much as any aidoru tune does.

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Maiko Fujita – Takanaru


藤田麻衣子 – 高鳴る/Maiko Fujita – Takanaru
Release Date : 2012.10.17

Language: Japanese
Bit Rate: MP3-128kbps

Track List:
1. 高鳴る
2. ギブ・ミー・サンドバッグ

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Maiko Kikkawa | HOT 247 – Hot News 24/7 – Update Every Hours

Name: Maiko Kikkawa / å‰å·éº»è¡£å­ Birthdate: 1986/03/28 Birthplace: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Height: 150 cm Blood type: O Measurements: 85 – 59 – 85 cm Shoe size: 23 cm Hobby: Shopping Video Clip Free Pictures.

[MF][Single] You Kikkawa – Kokokara Hajimarunda! [2012.07.11]

[Download] 吉川友 – ここから始まるんだ!

Type A
1. ここから始まるんだ!
2. 17才
3. ここから始まるんだ! (Instrumental)
4. 17才 (Instrumental)
Type B
1. ここから始まるんだ!
2. 風のようなメロディー
3. ここから始まるんだ! (Instrumental)
4. 風のようなメロディー (Instrumental)


[PV] Kikkawa Yuu – Chocolate Damashii

Download PV: (MKV 47.50 MB)