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Lisa Kudrow May Take Legal Dispute With Ex-Manager to State Supreme Court

An attorney for Lisa Kudrow said he and the actress are considering taking a legal dispute with her former manager to the California Supreme Court.

The legal dispute began in 2008, when Kudrow’s former manager, Scott Howard, sued her for refusing to pay him more than $50,000 in fees from her earnings from the television show, “Friends” and other projects.

Last week, an appeals court ruled as admissible “expert” testimony that it is customary practice to pay managers a cut from projects received after a working relationship ends. Kudrow’s lawyer has sought to keep that testimony out of the trial, which has not yet gone to a jury.

“The bottom line at this point in time is we are taking a look at possibly petitioning the California Supreme Court to look at the matter and at the same Ms. Kudrow is looking forward to having the matter decided in front of a jury if the matter proceeds to a trial court for a determination,” said her attorney, Gerald Sauer of the law firm Sauer & Wagner LLP.

In 1991, Howard said the two had made an oral agreement that would receive a 10 percent cut of Kudrow’s income, according to the lawsuit.

Starting in 1992, Kudrow had made recurring guest appearances on NBC’s “Mad About You.” From 1994 through 2004, she starred as Phoebe in the hit series, “Friends.” Toward the end of the series, she was entitled to 1.25 percent of profit from the show.

Howard and his company, Howard Entertainment Inc., did not return a request for comment.

For the last 18 episodes in 2004, Kudrow made $1 million an episode.

In 2000 and 2004, the two modified their oral agreement to lower Howard’s commission on certain earnings from Friends, eventually down to 5 percent, according to decision from the California court of appeal.

The recent declaration in question was submitted by Hollywood manager Martin Bauer on behalf of Howard.

Bauer said that “from at least the early 1980s, it had been the custom and practice in the entertainment industry for a personal manager to be paid post-termination commissions on the services that their clients rendered, and on engagements that their clients entered into, when the personal manager was representing them,” according to the court filing.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court barred Howard from admitting the Bauer’s testimony, and he granted Kudrow summary judgment. The appeals court reversed Wednesday, saying Bauer should be allowed to testify on remand, as reported by Courthouse News Service.

Kudrow’s attorney said the court of appeal “obviously has taken a different view” than the lower courts.

“The court of appeals opinion by no means indicates there is an industry practice custom that would apply to this case,” Sauer said. “We will be given an opportunity at trial that an industry custom did not exist when Kudrow and Howard entered into the original relationship in 1991.”

Sauer, who said Kudrow would decline to comment, said they have until Oct. 1 to decide if they will file a petition with the California Superior Court.

When asked for his reaction to the now four-year-old case, Sauer said, “The legal process is one with twists and turns. You never know how long it is going to take.”

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Kudos Lisa Kudrow! (And Shame On You, Winnie the Pooh…)


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I just watched the film “The Other Woman” with Natalie
Portman and Lisa Kudrow.  I had no
idea that Phoebe from “Friends” could be such a raging bitch.  I was totally intrigued by her
painfully difficult relationship with her son’s step-monster, well-played by
Portman.  But shortly after that
storyline wrangled me in like the Octomom herding her pack, the film took a
dark turn.  I balled my eyes out not
only for the duration of the movie, but for at least an hour afterwards, until a
xanax and a hot shower were self-prescribed.
I’m not one to push spoilers, but seeing as the movie came out
two years ago, whatever…  Someone
(here’s Pheebs as she learns what really happens at the end of ‘Old Yeller’)
I have dealt with a lot of loss, as most of us have.  But who’s to say one experience is worse than the other?  I remember an old friend that would
reference a day being “the worst of her life” when she had to dedicate more
than a few hours to studying after arguing with her boyfriend.  To me, comparing this to my worst day made
hers look like a walk through a Louis Vuitton full of freebies.  Thankfully I realize now that each of
us has our own gauge for processing loss, and however difficult, we shouldn’t
judge because of it.
Which brings me to totally judging this quote from Winnie the Pooh…
It has always really bothered me, and here’s why.
Many years ago, my parents strolled a beautiful cemetery in
order to purchase a family plot, knowing that my father would make use of it
long before anyone else.  My dad
suggested checking out the mausoleum, to which my mother replied, “I don’t want
to be in a mausoleum because I want you to be able to plant daffodils when you
visit me”.
My father was dying of brain and bone cancer.  They both knew full well she would be
the one visiting him, but even just for a moment, she didn’t want him to look at it that way.
I wasn’t there when the conversation happened but have
always remembered the story as one of my mother’s most loving and selfless
None of us want to think about the ones we love leaving us,
but to put the burden of dealing with that loss upon ourselves, to hope that they leave us before we leave them, that is an ultimate act of love.
Granted, we have little control over whether we live to be
one hundred, or one hundred minus one day, but I believe that if you truly love
someone, you want to be the one who lasts the extra few hours.

recipe: “lisa kudrow has nothing to do with these” oatmeal cookies

i’m taking cookie requests (anyone? anyone?), and thud asked me to bake oatmeal cookies so i did. he wanted chewy and raisiny, so i looked for a recipe online, because i don’t normally do chewy and raisiny. one of my favourite baking resources is angela’s blog, a spoonful of sugar, which is actually one of the first food blogs i ever stumbled across. for imbb10: cookie swap!, angela made the sort of oatmeal cookie that i think i was after.

the thing is, the recipe–while seemingly the one i wanted–originally came from a cookbook published in the marketing frenzy of a television show i’d rather not promote, so in the interest of non-promotion despite the possibility of sabotage, i altered the recipe just enough to make it almost not the recipe. do i hate the show that much? no, but i resent the amount of money spent on its production and i think of the better, quality shows that could have continued with the just one year of salary of one of “stars”. anyway, i never really liked phoebe, but i really like lisa kudrow after seeing her in “the opposite of sex” (one of my all-time fave flicks), and i’m pretty sure she had nothing to do with the published oatmeal cookie recipe. and i’m positive she has nothing to do with this cookie, either, so hence the name.

“lisa kudrow has nothing to do with these” oatmeal cookies

adapted from

1 1/2 c. (350g) unsalted butter, softened

1 lb. (454g) dark brown sugar

2 large eggs

1 tbsp vanilla extract

4 cups (340g) rolled oats

2 1/2 cups (320g) plain or all-purpose flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

10 oz (283.5g) dried currants (that’s one box of sun-maid® zante currants)

preheat oven to 375˚F/190˚C. cream butter and sugar until lighter and fluffy. add eggs and vanilla extract and incorporate well. combine all the dry ingredients except the currants in a separate bowl, mix well. add to the butter mixture until just combined, then fold in the currants. scoop out a heaping tablespoonful and drop onto ungreased cookie sheets, and bake for 12 to 15 minutes (i baked them for 12 on average, when i didn’t forget about them because i was watching “how clean is your house?”, which you should never watch when you are baking with currants because then you think a tick or a fly could fall into those cookies and no one would ever know.). cool on a rack.

despite cutting the sugar and the dried fruit by a third, they came out chewy, curranty, and delish. a little dark, though, because of the dark brown sugar, but i don’t think that detracts from their loveliness.

and no, i haven’t found a bug in them. yet.

Lisa Kudrow Carlo Allegri Portraits Feb 3, 2012

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