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[SINGLE] [2/25] Maeda Yuki 9th Single – “Kenchana(ケンチャナ)”

Tracklist :
1. Kenchana ~Daijoubu~
2. Seoul no Ame
3. Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ Japanese + Korean mix version
4. Kenchana ~Daijoubu (Original Karaoke)
5. Kenchana ~Daijoubu (Hanon Sage Half tone lower Karaoke)
6. Seoul no Ame (Original Karaoke)

Maeda Yuki is releasing her last single within Hello Project on feb 25 2009!
The single is titled: Kenchana (ケンチャナ)
Only HMV link at the moment!
and tape format:


One of my favourite solo artist in Hello! Project (especially her Enka style),can’t wait for it. She has such a great voice and she’s the ‘quality’ in hello! project. I love Enka genre because of her. So sad that this is her last single, anyway, i’ll keep supporting you, Maeda Yuki.


owh, great, the tracklist is out. Man, is this really a single or mini album?…hehe..can’t wait for it tho since there’s some kind of korean song? Seoul no Ame..hehe


Maeda Yuki’s 9th single “Kenchana ~Daijoubu~”

The PV for “Kenchana ~Daijoubu~” has been released on Dohhh UP! This single will be released in CD and audio cassette formats on February 25.

Link to video on Dohhh UP!

From reading the forums on Hello! Online I gather that “kenchana” is a word with a similar meaning to “daijoubu” (in English it’s something like “I’m all right”). The B-side also apparently has a Korean theme as it’s called “Seoul no Ame” (rain in Seoul).

I can’t tell if the PV is actually taking place in Korea as I know very little of Korean architecture. It doesn’t help that, according to Wikipedia, many traditional Korean buildings were replaced with Japanese-style ones during the first half of the 20th century. The only other clues would be in the signs, which are all in Chinese characters. Like the Japanese, the Koreans adopted the Chinese writing system before developing their own, and during the Japanese occupation hangul (the Korean writing system) became all but outlawed.

But really, I doubt that UFA shelled out the money to cross Nihonkai for the filming of this PV.

The song itself is nice for an enka (or possibly teuroteu?) track. Maeda Yuki has a beautiful voice, but I am really not the target audience for this type of music.

I liked her outfits (she had three, which is more than we’ve seen in a Hello! Project PV since “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” if I recall correctly), but none of them were as pretty as her bi-ploar-kimono-inspired one from “Ai Ai Daiko.”

If singing is what makes her happy then I hope she continues to release music after she has graduated from Hello! Project. She still young though (turning 30 in August), so if she decides that enka isn’t really her life’s calling she has plenty of time to find something that is.

New single for Maeda Yuki

I didn’t thing we’d see another release from her after her album last year, but Maeda Yuki’s got a new single on the way! It’s going to be a double A-side called Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~ / Eien (ミアネヨ 〜ごめんなさい〜 / 永縁).

Looks like the first is another Korean theme. Last time it was Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ (ケンチャナ〜大丈夫〜), with kenchana (괜찮아) and daijoubu (大丈夫) both meaning something like “it’s alright” in English. With Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~, mianeyo (미안 해요) and gomennasai (ごめんなさい) both mean “I’m sorry” in English. The second A-side Eien means “eternity.”

The single will be released April 7.

Maeda Yuki’s 10th single “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~”

The PV for “Mianeyo ~Gomennasai~” has been released on Dohhh UP! This single will be released on April 7.

Link to video on Dohhh UP!

Wow, Maeda Yuki is just getting more and more beautiful as the years go on. At 30 years old she is more gorgeous than she was at her debut ten years ago.

The song is lovely as well. It sounds almost whispered at times, and so heartfelt. I feel like she’s really apologizing to me for breaking my heart.

The PV is a truly mature one. All the settings are so beautiful and sensual. It’s so sad at the end to see her drinking away her pain :(

Maeda Yuki


Naki Usagi (2000-04-12)

  1. Naki Usagi
  2. Naki Usagi (Original Karaoke)
  3. Naki Usagi (Ibban Meloiri Karaoke)
  4. Honki de Shikatte
  5. Honki de Shikatte (Instrumental)

Tokyo You Turn (2001-01-01)

  1. Tokyo You Turn
  2. Tokyo You Turn (Original Karaoke)
  3. Tokyo You Turn (Ibban Meloiri Karaoke)
  4. Tasogare Miss You
  5. Tasogare Miss You (Original Karaoke)

Tokyo Yoimachigusa (2002-21-02)

  1. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa
  2. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa (Original Karaoke)
  3. Tokyo, Yoimachigusa (Ibban Meloiri Karaoke)
  4. Kokyou no Uta ga Kikoeru
  5. Kokyou no Uta ga Kikoeru (Original Karaoke)

Tokyo Kirigirisu (2003-16-07)

  1. Tokyo Kirigirisu
  2. Kaeri Sobireta Kokyou wa
  3. Tokyo Kirigirisu (Original Karaoke)
  4. Kaeri Sobireta Kokyou wa (Original Karaoke)

Sarasara no Kawa (2004-01-01)

  1. Sarasara no Kawa
  2. Sore wa Fushigi
  3. Sarasara no Kawa (Original Karaoke)
  4. Sore wa Fushigi (Original Karaoke)

Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito (2004-09-29)

  1. Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito
  2. Tsuki Ressha
  3. Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito (Original Karaoke)
  4. Tsuki Ressha (Original Karaoke)
  5. Nishi Shinjuku de Atta Hito (Otoko Seishuuki Karaoke)

Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure (2006-07-26)

  1. Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure
  2. Kaze Kaikyou
  3. Omae no Namida wo Ore ni Kure (Original Karaoke)
  4. Kaze Kaikyou (Original Karaoke)

Ai Ai Daiko (2007-09-26)

  1. Ai Ai Daiko
  2. Zanza Koi Shigure
  3. Ai Ai Daiko (Instrumental)
  4. Zanza Koi Shigure (Instrumental)