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“Kimi No Yukini Kampai” by Nishida Hikaru

In my previous post I mentioned how Mochida Maki’s song Anata No Yukini Naritai reminded me of Nishida Hikaru’s song Kimi No Yukini Kampai, and I thought that there may be a few of you out there who’d like to hear just what that song sounded like!

While this song was never relased as a single, it’s one of the best songs (on a record already filled with great stuff) on Hikaru’s 1991 album ESPRIT, and in fact has been one of my favorite songs of hers for years! I went ahead and ripped the track into an MP3, then figured, what the heck, I’ll get out my Hikaru Laserdiscs and share a performance of her singing the song in concert as well!


Etc Fashion Blog: Mochida Maki Gets Married and Management Company in their 40s

Etc Fashion Blog

Mochida Maki Gets Married and Management Company in their 40s
Oct 2nd 2012, 08:22

Popular actress Maki Mochida was married at the end of August, such as “high school teacher” drama TBS. Management Company in the 40s, your opponent has nurtured a love of wine through a common hobby about two years ago. Wedding, reception is currently undecided. Mochida pregnancy has not been and continues to work in the future actress.

Mochida Maki Gets Married and Management Company in their 40s

20 years from the Corporate shocking forced to teachers in relation to “a high school teacher.” Pretty Mochida leaving traces of the idle was still married.

In the 40s, Mr. A of your opponent and is currently run a company. Acquaintance gradually developed into romance, dating from group’s acquaintance two years ago. Submit a marriage registration at the end of August; we have to start married life. No wedding, the wedding reception is scheduled at the moment, also Mochida that they are not pregnant.

According to a close acquaintance, Mr. a gentleman sportsman type of medium build, Mochida around it has been reported to get married, “gentle, match any hobby, I really happy now,” she said to have said. Common in the hobby and began to study in earnest wine and tennis, Mochida presence of each other seems to be stimulated.

Mochida appeared in the role of OL in 2005, began to feel the impatience to get married to the “love hotel” stage. I was talking with the “called” I’ll regret this when, in an interview with Sports Hochi “from various actresses” and not get married.

Been recruited at the time of the junior high school in Harajuku, Mochida is popular in TV show idol group planning. In 1992 elected to model schoolgirl “Victor Koshien Poster” drew the attention of the school as a beautiful girl innocent.

The “high school teacher” TBS drama broadcast ended January 93, enthusiastically a pregnant high school girl raped by teacher, undergo an abortion. The film depicting the various taboos has become a big topic with the theme song of the Doji Morita. In recent years also devoted to scuba diving, in 2009 was awarded the “Best Diver Award”.

Will continue to work in the future are Mochida actress, I am a new leap forward; it seems we can expect to obtain a reliable partner.

Been recruited in junior high school when, in 1991, gained popularity in the ” Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi unit of the “club kid” Sakura TV Asahi.”High school teacher” TBS drama series that was broadcast in the fiscal year ended January 31 to 93 big topics. In 1995 starred in the first film, “as well Sumomomo Momomo.”

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On September 29th, actress Mochida Maki (37) announced her marriage through her official website.

According to her agency, Mochida’s husband is a non-celebrity man in his 40’s, and the couple registered their marriage in late-August. She expressed, “I can be myself around him, and he accepts me for who I am. We would like to start our new life together with trust and gratitude.

Mochida also revealed, “We met about 2 years ago. We were only acquaintances, but little by little, we felt closer to each other, and we both started to think about marriage.” She continued, “I feel that fate is something like this…

Mochida plans to continue her career as an actress.


Source & Image: Oricon

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