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Eguchi Yosuke and Tokiwa Takako star in FujiTV drama SP “Saikai”

Eguchi Yosuke and Tokiwa Takako will be working together for the first time in FujiTV’s drama SP “Saikai” (broadcast timeslot not confirmed yet). The SP will be based on a suspense novel by Yokozeki Dai which won the Edogawa Ranpo award in 2010. Unlike usual SPs, the filming started on 2 Feb and will extend for a month at various spots in Chiba and Gunma Prefectures.

Eguchi and Tokiwa play childhood friends along with Tsutsumi Shinichi and Kagawa Teruyuki who come together again when a murder takes place. The gun which had been used during the murder actually came from a policeman who died in the line of duty 27 years ago. However, this gun was actually buried in the school field by this group of four friends for some reason and someone among them had apparently dug out the gun…

Source: Sanspo


Wow, such an interesting lineup there! Wonder when this will be aired though?

Dia De Los Muertos

Once upon a time, Tokiwa Takako was on television interviewing Sakamoto Ryuichi. The subjects of the hour-long conversation were music, stardom, the Yellow Magic Orchestra – all the subjects one want to hear about from Sakamoto-san save his views of Japan’s divorce laws.

Offhandedly, Sakamoto asked Tokiwa about the kinds of music she listens to.

“Well, mostly I listen to The Grateful Dead,” she replied.

At this, Sakamoto had jerked upward with such force that he nearly tumbled out of the armchair he was sitting in (he walks now with a cane).

A startled Tokiwa cried out, “That’s all right, isn’t it?”

“No, no,” replied a now calmer Sakamoto, “It’s all right. In fact, I think it’s great. It’s just that it was the last thing I thought you might say.”

Well today, November 1, is the Day of the Dead in Catholic countries. So for Tokiwa Takako and Paul Scalise, the go-to man on TEPCO who rubbished The Dead on Facebook the other day, a list of links to easy-listening favorites:


Box of Rain

Casey Jones

Sugar Magnolia

The Wheel


Uncle John’s Band


Franklin’s Tower


Scarlet Begonias

Touch of Grey

Live Covers

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Not Fade Away

Quinn the Eskimo

Satisfaction (Image is of Bob Weir, but may be NWSF)

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Weight

Werewolves of London



1) Tokiwa Takako is appearing on NHK as the improbably beautiful and perfect wife of an impossibly handsome Matsushita Konosuke in the pretified biopic Kamisama no Nyobo. This is one of a mini-explosion of NHK programs on the wives of famous men, the most prominent being the current Taiga Dorama on Go, the wife of Tokugawa Hidetada and her equally prominent sisters, and last year’s NHK morning 15 minute drama series Ge,Ge,Ge no Nyobo on the wife of cartoonist Mizuki Shigeru (Not such a bad deal, really. The NHK series on Mizuki’s wife earned him and his wife an invitation to the Emperor’s Autumn Party this year. Not that having a TV drama on his wife will do Matsushita-san any good, since he died in 1989.)

Sakamoto Ryuichi has his own program on NHK, Schola where he is shown each week teaching the fine points of various styles of music to students.

2) If you should ever go to Tokiwa Takako’s incredibly fey official website, you will mutter, “Yep, this is exactly the kind of site a Deadhead would dream up.” Her production company must love her.

a foolish man

TV drama "the kite in the sky >" attention "Chino Masaa in the TBS series first starred in heavy Song Qing the original story of father and son

TBS series "Sunday Theatre (9 p.m. Sunday) to be broadcast television drama" kite in the air continuously ", 13 began broadcasting.Actor Chino Masaa is with bureau of the continuous TV play first starring Takako Tokiwa, actress, television drama "long · letters to the drifting classroom." (02, Fuji TV Series) since, after 11 years of private broadcasting continuous drama performance. To be a topic.

[Photos] continuous television drama "Kite" in the air "in addition to the scene

TV play, "we selected found!Kadokawa Bunko moved to first "has also been chosen the Naoki prize author · Mr. Shigematsu Kiyo’s original novels.Thai Chuan’an male. (Mr. Chino), a foolish man, educated, but clumsy burst would hand character, "Idiot’s father".Parents are not growing in Thai, parents is not known, his wife (Mr. Chang) together with love son · Xu growth guardian, live every day.However, Xu at the age of 3, as a result of accidents has lost his wife.Regret and sorrow your peaceful, loving son recovery……The story unfolds.

16 years, Mr. Sato Takeru began playing, Mr. Chino, Mr. Chang, Mr. Kazue Fukiishi, Mr. Asou Yumi, Mr. Nomura Hiroshinobu, Ms. Kato Takako, Mr. Emoto Aki and others in.Producer Ishimaru Shiakihiko, director Mr. Hirakawa Yuichiro and others, is responsible for the script "JIN benevolence -" love in the world "and other famous Mr. Morishita Kako personally.

theme song, Fukuyama Masaharu’s "birthday of white lily use".Is the TV series from 13 onwards every Sunday at 9 pm.At the beginning of 2 hour special.(Daily News reported on January] [digital) associated period pay close attention to the TV series: melee?Juli color bud "Michelin back to" Doctor X "after the show" kite in the air "Takako Tokiwa: 11 years after the TV series starred in TBS drama" kite in the air. "" the role of mother St.: warehouse stone love doing the role of "Takashima Masanobuya" on the spot "appeared on the theatrical version of St.: Theatrical" spot "to complete an unsettled state of mind." from the mouth of the heart was "very nervous Sato Takeru:" action. "" about improper actor "Declaration director also was frightened jump

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Tokiwa Takako Still Stunning After All These Years

Up to Episode 7 of LOSS TIME LIFE, and this time around, it’s centered around a Mob Boss’ Wife played  both elegant and tough by the lovely Takako Tokiwa.

First saw her in Aishiteru To Ittekure (Say You Love Me), waaaaaay back in 1995. Not only was that show one of the very first japanese dramas I ever watched, it crosses my mind that Takako was probably the first J-drama Crush I ever had! And I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only one. Every guy who watched that show at that time fell just a little bit in love with her, I think.

It was nice to watch this 2008 drama and see that Takako Tokiwa was still as captivating as ever, so beautiful and WHAT A GREAT ACTRESS!!!

Tokiwa Takako & Ono Machiko in Matsumoto Seicho drama SP “Giwaku”

Tokiwa Takako and Ono Machiko will be the double leads for FujiTV drama SP “Giwaku” (Suspicion) which is the third installment under the Matsumoto Seicho 20th Death Anniversary Project. This will also be the first time that the two actresses are working together.

Tokiwa plays a lawyer Sahara Chizuru who defends Shirakawa Kumako, a violent woman accused of killing her husband for insurance money in this SP based on Matsumoto’s novel. In the original story, Sahara was a man but the producers decided to change it to a female so that they can show the contrast between Chizuru and Kumako who represent the extremes of good and evil.

Source: Sanspo