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Love Fait Destiny


Title: 整形美人 Title (romaji): Seikei Bijin Also known as: Artificial Beauty Genre: Comedy Episodes: 11 Viewership ratings: 11.4 Broadcast network: Fuji TV Broadcast period: 2002-Apr-09 to 2002-June-25 Air time: Tuesday 21:00 Theme songs: Unchained Melody by Suga Shikao Arcadia by Silva

Yonekura Ryoko as Saotome Honami Shiina Kippei as Fujishima Ryusui Kato Haruhiko as Takeda Ryohei Konishi Manami as Fujishima Isaki Aota Noriko as Itehara Aoi Ichige Yoshie Shibata Rie as Saotome Ruriko Kubo Akira Ogura Hisahiro Kikuchi Maiko as Mukai Eri Tanihara Shosuke as Yajima Tasahi Abukawa Mihoko as Saotome Narumi/Saotome Honami (in flashbacks)

This is the ultimate love story that portrays every woman’s dream. This story is about a girl, nowhere near attractive, who was born where ugliness runs in the family.This pitiful girl, who has no luck with men,She travels all the way to the Mediterranean to transform into a living beauty. Now she can finally get her hands on love and happiness. After returning to Japan, she starts a glamorous life as a fashion model: something she had always longed for.IN MY OPINION:
the story quite simple and ordinay but it makes sense , this happens in reality at first were eager to do something good that in the end you’ll suffer more, what i like about this series is that aside from the hilarious scenes thats makes me laughed more my heart touches on the love story it portraits and on the most obvious issue, which is having your appearance altered. among other japanese series i must say that this one is really good, its worth watching for.