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A not-so-open letter to Mr Khan

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Today, I am going to sound
very stupid to all the male readers and those female readers who claim
to not have been swept by Mr Khan’s charisma. I know they only pretend that way, to
gain some attention from the opposite sex, by saying what men want to hear(for a change).

Dear Mr Khan,

Even though our eyes never met, it was still, love at first sight.And second, and third.I fall in love with you, all over again, every time I see you.

I am so glad that I am finally writing to you.I have pictured myself doing this, many times in the past.But, something or the other always held me off.I know this won’t reach you ever, but still hoping against hope is what you have taught me and I might just be the most loyal follower you ever had! ;-)

Talking of followers, or fans or loyalists- I know you have many.And I am happy to be a part of the crowd, for the only reason that it connects you to me, in some manner.Like all of them, I too have a story. It fascinates me when I look back.So, today I finally document it here, more for myself, than for anyone else.How awesome it would be, when I read this, say 30 years from today!

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is what exactly describes my un-dying love for you.During the years, it has only grown in magnitude.Whether your movies work, or not doesn’t matter.You are my hero, and you will always be.Even at 70, you’ll make my heart beat harder, and blood pressure higher.You have that kind of an effect on me, and I love it.I really do.

Love is silly.It makes you do strange things.Like today, I blackmailed a friend to say “Jai SRK” on Facebook,for no reason at all. Like I get green in jealousy when someone tells me that he or she saw you in real life.Then I have to get immersed in sympathy tonic by telling myself that you don’t mean much to them, so it is okay even if they saw you- it won’t make much of a difference to them.And how it gets just too much to handle when Nalini says she met you thrice and touched you once.Not fair :( Then, all I can think about is what ifs and if onlys but they don’t ease off the pain and the jealousy.A facet of my love for you even makes me do things like sending your book, Still Reading Khan to a fellow-sautan and best friend, Narin, living seven seas apart(even before reading myself) on her birthday and shrieking together in excitement, over the phone when she receives it! I remember, I have even fought with a friend of mine, pulled her hair, told her names, just for a poster of yours (Which I finally, managed to have because of all the drama and tears that followed :P ) Duniyaavale didn’t understand why two grown up girls, who should be bothered about their board exams that moment, are more interested in a piece of paper with your picture, than the photocopied notes or sample questions.

It is the same story, even today.Duniyaavale, you know-They never understand true love. Especially when it is the kind of love Meera had for Mohan. Duniyavale failed to understand it then, and they repeat the same mistake in kalyug as well. I am not comparing you to Krishna in some way, coz that might just start another controversy, and I don’t intend to do it anyway.But the similarities are many – For starters, Like Meera, I can’t have you.But still, you’re always there! Just like Meera, they will even consider me mad for writing this post.I might even be the center of all jokes if some-one reads this, but I really don’t care.All I wanted was to type it all out today, and smile a contended smile, when I read it later.

Me -A schoolgirl, swept away by your charm , A teenager madly in love with you, A woman who knows true love is a fantasy so she fantasizes about you ;-)  

Comments are welcome as long as they don’t offend me in any way.Try to be nice, if you want to say something.If you can’t be nice, please keep it to yourself. Apart from love, I have un-matched respect for the self-made King, MR Khan.So please keep that in mind if you think you want to comment.