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Ani Ani Ani

Ani Difranco is a poet and I wish my eyebrows were more like hers. Maybe I should get a nose ring…I was wandering around the city the other day, came upon a store, walked in, browsed, and walked out.

Ani-way. I went home and I logged onto my laptop and I opened my itunes and I searched for Ani Difranco because, there’s no reason why not to. A sad thing happened. It went missing. And it wasn’t stored on my computer. She should have been right after Alanis Morissette and right before Anika Noni Rose. It was a tragedy.

And so I googled “Ani Difranco you had time.” I feel better now. I can eat my roast chicken and kale chips in peace.

Ani Difranco: Splinter – a great song on unplugging

Splinter Lyrics

Something about this landscape just don’t feel right
Hyper air-conditioned and lit up all night

Like we just gotta see how comfortable comfortable can get
Like we can’t even bring ourselves to sweat

Sweat in the summer, shiver in the winter
Just enough to know that we’re alive
Watch out for that TV, it’s full of splinters
And remember you can always go outside
Really, really, really far outside

And some might call it conservation
And some might call it common sense
And maybe it’s because I am Libra
But I say balance balance balance balance
I say balance balance balance balance

Who put all this stuff in my apartment?
Who put all this ice in my drink?
Who put the poison in the atmosphere?
Who put the poison in the way I think?

O women, won’t you be our windows
Women who bleed and bleed and bleed
Women who swim with the tide, women who change when the wind blows
Show us we are connected to everything
Show us we are not separate from everything

So here’s to the trials of living
Here’s to feeling our share of pain
All the way from childbirth to dying
Here’s to being connected to everything
Here’s to staying connected to everything