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Eidith Coliver- Ashley Scott

Eidith Coliver
            Eidith Coliver  started out with a middle class peaceful childhood. Her first encounter with Nazi’s was when they were torturing a catholic priest . Jew’s were being carted off day by day. There was a joke that use to be told, Edith states “SS man would come to the floor of this Jewish woman whose husband had been carted off. He would ring the bell and say this were the widow lives?” She was kicked out of school because the teacher was not allowed to give her an A. She was sent to England to go  to school. her parent then decided to take her and her family to the U. S.  because they did not want to stay there for the war that was about to take place. They were pleased to find that America was acknowledging that Hitler had to go. When first attending an American school Eidith did not relate to very many people. It was not until college the international mixture helped her relate. She worked as a translator.  She was then out of a job for a while before working for her senator for two months. She was shortly again needing another job, she was then asked to translate for the Nuremburg trials.  She visited a displaced persons camp. The Camp she visited was a farm of the publisher of the most anti-Semitism paper. They liberated his library and noted he had a huge collection of German porn. She was the interpreter for the second on the death list to Hitler; He cheated the gallows by killing himself with poison. Some of the killers did not even have a conscience anymore. Some were so use to taking orders it was automatic.