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Kurt Messersmidt- Ashley Scott

Kurt Messersmidt

               Kurt was a very intelligent man. When he was young and Nazi’s were still trying to come to power he was being noticed as a great student and athlete. His German teachers did not look at him differently because of his Jewish background. They respected and were amazed by his ability to speak Greek, singing, and play in the orchestra. He was up for scholarships, but because he was Jewish he was not allowed to accept these to go to school. The need for teachers for the Jews he was more than qualified to do so and so he did. He said it saved him from having to work in the factories like most jews. Kurt states  “I needed to feel needed and I felt needed there.” As things got worse churches were ruined along with his school, windows were broken and instruments stolen. Him and his fellow teacher Rudy rode around Berlin and were amazed at the damage of the Krystallnatch. A couple Germans forced a man to pick up glass and others were just sitting there watching. Him and Rudy started helping the old man. Mr. Messerschmidt states that the city smelt like fire and blood. They moved to a new school. 1942 the whole school was gone. It was his turn to be put on the list for deportation. One of those who was told to send him away felt bad for him and found him a way to stay. They put themselves indanger to help Mr. Messersmidt. They had him move furniture around.  They watched out for him because they knew he was well known and an appreciated man.