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Ashley Scott Intro

Hello, my name is Ashley Scott. I was born in Lakeland,
Florida I moved here at the age of 5 due to the high crime rate and my father
was held at gunpoint while managing his hotel. So, we moved to Springfield
because this is where the rest of my family lived. I am one of four siblings in
my family I have two sisters and a brother. I feel so bad for the kid he always
had to deal with females growing up. I have two loving parents that are dear to
me. I graduated in 2011 from Kickapoo High School.
     I am
going to OTC right now to get my Associates in Science with an emphasis on
Chemistry. I plan on transferring to Missouri State and I plan on going into Pharmaceutical
School. My dream is to get a Doctorate in Pharmacy and own my own Pharmacy. I
would like to do this to follow in the footsteps of my great grandfather. The
number one thing on my bucket list is to get married and raise a family your
typical “American Dream.”  I
enjoy dancing, and singing in my car when nobody is around. That is about it. Hopefully,
I can make I can make it through this class alive since I am not an English