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Ester Stern- Ashley Scott

Ester Stern
     Ester had a strong loving family filled with siblings. her parents were filled with hope and belief in God. Her brother was the first to go in her family, being picked up by a van on the side of the street. One night all the Jews were to gather for a meeting. If you tried to stay at home you would be shot dead on the spot. That night was the night they took their father away from their family. There was no end to the tears that the family was producing. They had to move out of the home and move into a small apartment in the city. Food started to become scarce and life was awful. the worked at a store in the ghetto where they fixed clothing. She would come home from long hours of work with her mom having something fresh and warm to eat. One Friday night everything was taken jewelry and anything of value. they shut down the factory they worked at in the ghetto and sent her and her sister went to a labor camp. Her younger sisters were sent to Auzawitz. They met up with another sister while at the new labor camp. It was a rare coincidence that they were able to be back together. They worked at this factory for two years. They did not find out till after the war there parents were killed. If someone was to get sick in the factory, a death van picked them up and took them to auzawitz. Going to the factory the little girls that could not walk were shot on the spot. Close to liberation they went on a march with no food and no water in the freezing cold. If you could not walk anymore you were shot on the spot. Her and her sisters hung on to each other for dear life. Finally the march ended and the girls began working again. Tifus was spreading bad. Her sisters started getting sick first. Once liberated it was her who was unable to walk. When liberated by the English army they found their brother and joined together to start a new life.