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Barkha Dutt Vs. Honey Singh


A Journalist’s job is to observe, report & opine abt what creative decision makers like Politicians, Industrialists, Artists & Film Stars do. This isn’t me speaking. This is how it is.

Getting paid to pass opinions and judgements on important happenings isn’t really that fascinating for most creative ppl.

Which is why I can’t imagine a Honey Singh bothering to write a song about a Barkha Dutt. At least not anytime in the near or distant future. Even if a Barkha Dutt happens to do her level best to instigate an “Online Campaign” against the super hit musician and singer.

Coming to think of it, Creative Criticism is the job of a Creative Critic. Someone who understands what the Rap and Hip Hop culture is all about. Not a middle aged woman reporter known for her work with War and Politics and strong feminist leanings.

Which is why when a Barkha Dutt tries to throw a Honey Singh under the bus, so to speak, it just comes off looking like she doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about.

Journalists have been mistaken to be the intelligentsia for the longest of time. It’s a lie. Intelligence Creates. It doesn’t Criticise. All these so called intelligent arguments about art and creative work cannot be the outcome of an intelligent mind, but a critical one.

This is a sad time. One where intelligent, patient and wise decisions will bring about change. Lets focus. And let’s please be very cautious of ‘The Voice Of Reason’ and ‘The Vice Of Opportunism’.