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Kaftan queen Camilla Franks robbed again

Police were called to the store in Oxford St shortly before midnight following reports a dark-coloured car was used to smash the front window.

Everything in the store was stolen Trouwjurken 2013 – with only three kaftans left behind – and police believe the colourful signature dresses are going offshore.

Franks is believed to be holidaying in Italy but in a statement issued this morning, her Vloer Lengte Avondjurken public relations team said the Cocktailjurken 2012 designer was working closely with police in order to identify the offenders of the recent break-ins at her stores.

“We are taking proactive and aggressive measures to protect our brand, staff and property and will actively pursue both the offenders and anyone receiving stolen goods through the courts,” the statement said.

“Camilla is a world recognised and sought-after brand and we thank our loyal and supportive customers, clients and friends for their amazing support now and in the future.”