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Jellyfish, Camilla Franks, Roses & Photos.

Okay. Everyone is amazing. 
Thank you so much for all the love and support in response to my last post! I wasn’t expecting that. 
I was just having a bad day and needed to get it off my (ample) chest, ha. 
cotton socks read my post and then was at my workplace an hour later with these amazing flowers. 
She is awesome. 
They are beautiful and definitely cheered me up! 
I got these three cute bud vases from Pash on Bay Street, Brighton and will post better photos eventually. They are very cute. 

tried on this Camilla Franks dress, thinking it could be good for an upcoming
destination wedding that I am going to, but whilst I love the colors and the
fabric, the cut is probably not the best that I can do.
definitely looks better on me once I tied the ties around my waist, even if it
is not meant to be worn like that originally. 
My back looks deformed.
not sure if that is my spine or not, but why is it curved like that? Surely
that is trick photography. 

been trying to embrace necklaces lately.
have two on here, both from Myer and by a brand that I have no hope of
got on my faithful Target dress which is too short to wear without tights.
you get knee surgery? I hear that Victoria Beckham had it done. I want it. 
stuff is weird. It has gluggy bits in it and I feel like I am eating jellyfish. 
still drinking my Chlorophyll. I’m not sure if I have really had any benefits
from it, but it has given me more energy and turned my pee green. 
is my drawer at work. It used to be full of Snickers and Boost Bars. I’ve
changed my ways…
I keep those in my handbag.
not really sure if I am feeling the love for this nail polish as much as the
other ones that The Husband chose for me.
is Sephora by OPI – I only shop vintage (accent nail is China Glaze Snowglobe)
feel like it is too close to my skin tone or something. Not that I am golden,
more yellow really. 

Canon Powershot SX230HS has a broken shutter and a scratched lens. I think I
will just get it fixed as I have been told by Canon it will only cost $178…
you think it is worth buying photoshop?! I want to have awesome photos.
feel like I am too much of a novice for a big fancy camera, and would never
take it anywhere.