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Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele a Queen of the Watch Business

And this is not surprising, because for the majority of the men-managers it is rather hard to understand the exact demands that women usually make on ladies’ timepieces, so that this product family slips their attention.Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele helped her brother with the creation of men’s timepieces.I think that many people will agree with me, that men are perfect leaders because of their nature features. And of course it is not surprising to hear that a man stands in the head of a big mature company, watch*** for example. But as soon as one hears that the immediate supervisor of world-wide known watch and jewelry company is a lady, he becomes rather surprised and even intrigued by this fact.But it is known man is usually behind practically each and every business-lady. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, the head of the Chopard (heads) Company jewelry department, is not the exception. It is her brother Karl-Friedrich with whom she following the steps of their father Karl Scheufele, shares the management of the company taking part also in the development of the watch division managed by her brother. Despite of that woman herself is a rare bird in the horology community. And this fact only does credit to Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, who with the help of her female intuition and entrepreneurial talent promotes ladies’ watch collections so that they enjoy high demand.