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Caroline Manzo Tired of Frowning and Clowning?

After the negativity and downright ugliness that began toward , initiated by after the Punta Cana incident, and the negative feedback from viewers Caroline and her clan received, she has decided to back off Teresa for Season 5.

As reported recently, the entire cast of season 4, , , and ,  will return for a 5th season.

This “change of heart” has nothing to do with them putting out negative press about Teresa, most recently the divorce story circulating around.

Loved Teresa’s response to the National Enquirer article:

“The National Enquirer is only good for lining birdcages”

Here’s what Caroline told HollywoodLife:

The past is where I want it to be in the past, I feel good about it. I have a very positive attitude. I’m back. I’m going in with a clear mind.”Caroline also told us that she doesn’t think she will ever fully reconcile with Teresa. “I don’t know that we could ever go back to how we were. You know, it can get to, how are things, how are the kids.. you know civil. Will it ever be how it was?… Doubtful. It is what it is. We are big girls.”

Big girls? More like a clique of fifth grade girls hatin’.  Caroline is not capable of holding back, so we’ll just watch what happens, if we can stomach another season of this sad, sorry bunch.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming. As a matter of fact, I got this from a little birdie named @Sweeetbea:

Just bumped into my secret spy at Starbucks & was informed Bravo is filming tomorrow in my town #RHONJ at Elvira’s

Remember Elvira Grau , the party planner from Season 2?