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Jill Zarin Needs to Listen to Caroline Manzo

I remember the days when the Real Housewives of New York had Kelly Bensimon who loved jelly beans and had satchels of gold.

Then there was Jill Zarin who knew how to play with the camera an did a fine job until the last season she was on the show.  Then she became the most disliked housewife. What happened to her? Did she love the camera too much? Did she pull what Teresa Giudice is starting to pull? The popular one loves the fame and craves more so she will add more drama on top of the drama…..

Now Jill is gone. She has been replaced by A-Diva. Or A-Crazy. And Aviva isn’t our favorite housewife either because she is a combo of Jill and Kelly. Just sayin’.

Going back to Jill. She got interviewed on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and it was funny seeing Andy’s facial expressions. Like “wtf, just shut up for a second”.  Jill wanted to know why she was fired, and more.. I zoned out to be honest.
But then I saw Wendy Williams….
 (see the video here)
She said that Jill wanted a two-parter and she had planned to distribute the secret taped appearance to various media outlets, even bloggers.  Apparently Andy Cohen got the word about it… and let’s just say that if Jill wants to get her own spin-off or return to Housewives Saga, that ain’t gonna happen.

She should be happy. She has a wonderful husband, daughter, doggie.. and rumor has it she wants to buy a flat in Paris, France.

She should move on.  because this is what reality does to you: