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Where Chelsea Handler Hands Limousine Liberals Their Collective Ass

Chelsea Handler was the fourth guest on Bill Maher’s first show after his return from hiatus, and she was the star of the show.

Not only did she take charge of a panel, which was increasingly being driven crazy by the dominant trolling of the incredibly rude Republican apologist and token Muslim GOPer, Reihan Salam, she put every wealthy, sulking limousine liberal in his/her place regarding the current au fait dismay felt by them toward President Obama.

Maher brought up the most recent piece of snark by Maureen Dowd, the lightweight who lives to find fault with any politician who doesn’t worship at her particular altar. 

This was the column where Dowd reproached the President for what she perceives to be his gracelessness – the fact that so many wealthy liberal donors (many of whom are located in the entertainment industry) are refusing to donate this time to the President’s campaign, because he failed to thank them (or thank them sufficiently) for their largesse in 2008.

Maher addressed Chelsea Handler with this question, because Handler, like Maher, had made a significant contribution to the current campaign. Oddly enough, Maher stated that he didn’t expect a thank-you note from the President or his staff, but went on to say that this inability to thank big supporters could be the President’s tragic flaw and could cost him the election.

You can watch the exchange and Handler’s eventual response to the dilemma presented below:-

Maher is almost as indignant as Dowd, angry that the President would risk losing an election because he couldn’t be bothered to write a thank-you note. His guest, on the other hand, was wonderfully pragmatic, poo-poohing the entire ego slight. As Handler said, she’d heard a lot of wealthy liberal types had decided not to contribute this time around because they’d not “heard from” the President – citing David Geffen (friend of Dowd) in particular, she asked why the hell would the President be calling David Geffen? In the end, she nailed it … Rather than whining about not receiving a thank-you note from the President, these people should be writing him thank-you notes for his achievements.