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Models, Revisited – More Of Cheryl Tiegs

More of Cheryl Tiegs today – and this one is especially for Tina.
The last time I wrote a post about Cheryl Tiegs, she mentioned a picture from a magazine that she had torn out and saved years ago – and I was so tickled when I found it!! Here it is, below, a 1968 advertisement for Carefree Tampons:

This one is an Almay ad, as you can see:

A close-up from an ad for Orange Blossom Diamonds:

And just one more – California Girl, from Clairol:

All of these are from a 1968 Seventeen Magazine in my own collection. 1968 – precisely the year Tina thought it was. Good memory, Sis!. Love ‘ya!
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