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#7 Chi Chi LaRue’s Take A Load Off

Chi Chi LaRue’s Take A Load Off: 2011

I’m drinking coffee at midnight because I’ve had a hell of a caffeine headache all day. Earlier in the week I bought several cases of diet coke, and basically having all that diet coke around means for me it’s all I drink. I replaced water with diet soda. Awful, I know. But then BAM it ran out, so I thought, “Whatever, I’ll have some water now.” Yeah, not exactly easy seeing as I now have a raging addiction on my hands (on top of my, like, twelve others). So. That’s my first-world gripe for the day. Woe is me, I’m addicted to caffeine.

In the bank of talent, Brent Everett has an embarrassment of riches. You can tell by reading my reviews I usually don’t pay attention to anyone in a scene but Brent. I generally tend to think everyone else is ugly and useless, let’s be honest. But. In Take A Load Off there is a lot else to take in other than his magnificent Canadian beauty. There are two different sets used for four scenes in this film: one white with black accents, the other the opposite. But don’t think of it as a harsh contrast between good and evil or heaven and hell, which is more the case for Chi Chi’s other film, Naughty and Nice. Naughty and Nice is also an orgasm for the eyes, utilizing candles and black & white roses, but although the same colors are used as in Take A Load off, Naughty and Nice has a Yin & Yang aspect to it. When I described the Take A Load off scenery to Andrea, I believe my words were, “It’s a fantasy Alice in Wonderland type of place.”

Then there’s Brent’s bottom, Brandon Wilde. I’m not crazy about Brandon’s personality (I hope he’s not reading this), he comes off as a bit of a show-boat on twitter. But if I removed every porn star and drag queen on my twitter feed who comes off as an attention whore, I’d be stuck with CNN news and a few family members. So whatever, I won’t hold it against him if he’s a little annoying. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE BRENT. But after witnessing the magic he pulls whilst taking in Brent’s cock in this scene, I’d let him get away with murder. I kid you not, he rotates his hips over Brent’s cock so well that in the end he made Brent come just like that. Brent actually asked if he could pull out and come right there. No need to cut to a different scene where the actors are jerking themselves off, not this time. I’ve watched this scene about 8 times now and recommended it to three different people. I really thought nothing could impress me more than Cock Trap, but I don’t know, this is a solid contender. And if that hasn’t convinced you to acquire a c1r.com membership, I don’t know what will.

So listen to this. I told some twink in porn yesterday that in a photo of him he looked “so new wave” (I hope he’s not reading this). His response: “New wave?” So I was like, “You know, new wave. A style in the 80s…bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure…” He then proceeded to tell me he doesn’t know of such things because he was born in the late 80s. Thus making me want to beat myself over the head with my own laptop. Jesus…

Rating: A+. Don’t even rent it. BUY IT.

Next up: More Chi Chi LaRue. Everything else is crap.