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#3 Chi Chi LaRue’s Cock Trap

I apologize for not posting yesterday, it was Whitney Houston’s would be 49th birthday and I needed some time. I never did say this would be a 365 day challenge after all, though it’s looking to be going that way. Can’t seem to stop watching porn…then tearing it to shreds. By the way, my music selection today is the “I Want It That Way” station on Pandora radio. That’s exactly what it sounds like.

In film, and I mean any standard mainstream film, there are a few basic qualities which, to me, make it stand out as a decent film. Directing is everything. The right director can lead a crap actor to make an Oscar worthy performance. Next is acting. Directing is the main thing, but a superb actor helps hugely. Writing. A good story-line and intriguing dialogue takes me a long way in a film. And then, if all else is well, I focus on the cinematography and wardrobe. Yeah, aesthetics tie everything in after everything else is excellent. It’s sort of what completes a film, isn’t it? So in porn a lot of these variables switch up a bit. The quality of the script and acting goes down simply because it can. I know I claim to love dialogue in my porn, but I don’t expect it to be Good Will Hunting, know what I’m saying? So inevitably, aesthetics and physicality become some of the most important factors to a good adult film. Directing still counts here. Directing is everything.

Cock Trap is the best looking porn I have ever seen. This is the best I have ever seen Brent Everett look on camera. It’s actually my favorite of Brent’s films all around which is why I pulled it out so early in the game here, I couldn’t wait to review it. Directed by Chi Chi LaRue, there are a couple things to expect going in. It’s gonna be raunchy, you know that off the bat. Is that really what I go for? Nah, not really. But never once did I think I’d dislike the film, quite frankly because of how hot Brent looked in the previews. And say what you will about Chi Chi LaRue, but even if she makes things not quite up your alley, everything she makes is solidly good. You know you’re getting a high quality porn when she’s involved. “High quality porn,” it’s actually not an oxy moron. It is a thing. Yeah, it’s a little BDSM friendly, which doesn’t scare me but I totally get why it would freak someone out. In porn there’s not a ton of grey area, either you’re totally turned off and grossed out, or you love it and it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen. I swear to you: Chi Chi LaRue can make anything likable.

Cock Trap takes place in a sex club, think along the lines of the backroom of Babylon (before it tanked, burned down, got rebuilt into Brian’s office, etc) but in red. Everything here is red. Major selling point for me, I myself never leave my house without red lipstick on, my wardrobe is based around red, and there are red fuck me pumps laying on my bedroom floor right now. Even if you’re not hot, put some red on and you’ll at least be more hot than you were. In one scene there’s a red dildo manipulated to death by Cameron Adams that I can’t stop obsessing over, I really wish I knew what it was made out of. I actually was so impressed by the wardrobe and props in this film, I took my inquiries right to the source.

Chi Chi LaRue ‏(@DJChiChiLaRue): @sosodeformed Most of the boots, jocks and costumes were from my collection of stuff. Some @nastypig Xxxo

Never tell me twitter is not an amazing place. So there you have it, The Nasty Pig mostly sells clothing so I can only assume this gorgeous red dildo came straight out of Chi Chi LaRue’s naughty drawer. However, there is a stunning glossy red URINAL which I swear was constructed just for this video shoot. I honestly hope Chi Chi went to the producers and demanded money for said urinal. That’s the most impressive prop in the film, next to Brent Everett’s cock. Do you see where this is going, are you getting a feel for what this film encompasses, here? It isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen. I wasn’t into all the guys or all the sex acts performed, but I always sit through it entirely because I don’t want to miss anything. This is beautifully filmed. This is a work of art.

I haven’t even touched upon Brent’s scene yet, have I? Girl. So we start off with Riley Price initially in the club alone, touching and fingering himself for just a bit before the scene cuts to him sucking someone off through a glory hole. Well I wonder who that could be. Now I realize I’m little more…passionately into Brent Everett than a lot of people, but come on. That is obviously his cock right there, and those are his abs. Ya, they’re adorable, it’s all a bit of heaven but you have no idea what’s in store because eventually Riley gets impatient and simply must see who is behind that wall. Surprise! It’s Brent Everett! Can you imagine? “Let me just suck off this dude poking out of a glory hole OH MY GOD IT’S BRENT EVERETT.” I know I’ve mentioned it already but Brent went all out for this film, his body is tanned and ripped and smooth. He’s so hairless. Hairless might not be your thing but, girl, it’s mine. And his hair! Looks amazing! His hair is always on point. And. In this scene. Brent’s got a red bandana (kerchief?) tied around his head. I love it so much that I tried everything in my power to get a high quality photo from Cock Trap to be the wall paper for this blog, but couldn’t make anything work. I’m gonna keep trying. I read some review that said the red bandana was the worst part of this film. Okay? That person is blind.

Back to the sex. Brent gets sucked off more, then starts fingering Riley intermittently licking his fingers throughout. Have you ever seen that on film? I have not very often. And Brent, usually such a sweet little porn star, went all out for this scene. He didn’t hold back at all, he’s much more aggressive than usual and look, he’s even got his serious porn face on. Go ‘head, Brent! You got dis. Cut to the fucking. Brent fucks the shit out of Riley, I mean really fucks him. And he’s smaller than this guy he’s fucking, he was allowed to be a big beefy power top for this one. God bless Chi Chi LaRue’s heart. Scene ends with Brent coming hard (really hard) onto Riley’s chest, then leaving him with a sweet kiss. The best part about this ending is we get to see a closeup of Brent’s amazing hair one last time. I can’t think of a better scene closer than that.

Rating: A+. Buy this immediately. You can rent it for ten bucks off C1R and as a member not only do you get a discount on it, but you can stream it forever. AND they give you 90 free watching minutes with purchase. Now that’s customer service.

Next up: Wantin’ More, I mean it this time.