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Greta Gerwig, Damsels in Distress (2011)

Damsels in Distress (2011), Favourite film at T.I.F.F

Director: Whit Stillman, Writer screenplay: Whit Stillman, Stars: Greta Gerwig, Adam Brody and Analeigh Tipton

Greta Gerwig  photo.. Greta Gerwig. What Shes Been In:I must admit that I’m not Whit Stillman’s biggest fan, but I was curious to see this film. Thinking it was a chick flick melodrama, I was pleasantly surprised to find it a comedy and a smart one at that. The rythym and cadence of their speech patterns is a distinguishing feature that makes you feel that it takes place in a parallel universe.The self reflection of their do goody two shoes mandate provides big laughs without having to resort to gross out bodily function humour. Original and classy with a side of sass, this gem needs to get noticed. Damsels in Distress is 9/10

Greta Gerwig  photo.. People sure are putting a lot of weight on Greta Gerwig these days.your review got me more exited now, cant wait for this movie, specially for adam as charlie

Greta Gerwig  photo.. ... Christine Taylor Greta Gerwig ...Saw this last night at the London Film Festival (it was the Surprise Film). Very disapointed, several people walked out. Marks out of 10… 1/10

Greta Gerwig  photo.. You have a fondness for, I know its sort of a pejorative term, ...“I have to agree. I never walk out of films but I would have walked out had I not been right in the middle of the row.
The speech patterns were annoying, especially the fake english accent the reasons for which were never fully explored.
I struggled to work out who the Damsels in Distress film was aimed at, my guess would be girls aged 10-13 but that won’t happen with a 15 rating presumeably for the sexual references (another sub plot that wasn’t explored, explained and got very few laughs). “

Greta Gerwig  photo.. greta gerwig photos. Greta Gerwig; Greta Gerwig. macEfan. Dec 3, 08:19 PMHow many times are you going to post that you didn’t like the film? On every thread? We get it, the lymies didn’t like it. Nobody cares.

Greta Gerwig  photo.. Greta GerwigI am a huge Whit Stillman fan and also this film at TIFF and loved it. The film has all of the regular wit and charm of a Whit Stillman film, but also adds a lot of whimsy as well. Definitely not my favourite film at TIFF, but certainly in my Top 10. I also liked the musical numbers. Can’t wait to purchase this.

Adam Brody photo.. Gatos do Mundo: Adam Brody“Didn’t get it…

Stillman used to be all great monologues and bourgeois living.

This played more like a bunch of abercrombie & fitch models acting

…and singing no less.”

Adam Brody photo.. Gatos do Mundo: Adam BrodyThis Damsels in Distress film is hysterical. I can’t understand how anyone would not enjoy watching it. I was giggling furiously at it the entire time.

Adam Brody photo.. Adam Brodyi birçoğumuz The O.C dizisinden Seth Cohen rolüyle biliyoruz.“Nobody seems to get it. The things they complain are about are exactly what makes it funny — it’s a satire.

The characters are completely cut off from anything resembling reality. That’s the point. They’re upperclass twits who have been sheltered all their lives and are living in some sort of fantasy world where the things they talk about, the views they take which the rest of us would consider devoid of any interest at all, are not only subjects of intense interest but are the things their lives revolve around. They’re in college because their parents can afford it. It’s a social world. Like the characters of the three films that came before, their entire lives are driven by social interaction, even their professional lives.

Witness the (funniest) line where the airhead Heather learns about Sisyphus. Her reaction when she hears what the myth of Sisyphus consists of is “”Knucklehead”". As if Sisyphus CHOSE to roll the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down every time. Divorcement from any reality. How does someone get to college without knowing who Sisyphus is, or, for that matter, what colors are what (without being actually color blind)? And NOT actually be stupid?

The girls are actually smart, but they’re so enclosed in their own world that they have no value to the world outside. The best they can do to further the advancement of mankind is to invent a dance craze. If you don’t think that’s funny, you’re better off at the remake of The Three Stooges.”

Adam Brody photo.. ADAM BRODY“I did like (and remember) Last Days of Disco, so I came expecting an enjoyable young adult film and was _not_ disappointed.

I admire Witt Stillman’s ability to capture the “”certainty”" of young adulthood.

Having been a young adult once and having worked with young adults for many years since, I just loved the dialogue in the film.

Yes, it’s exaggerated but it’s close enough to the way that young people think / talk that it’s just awesome.


Consider simply the first donut scene. They give the guy coming in a donut. Why? Because that’s what “”the manual”" or “”studies”" said they were supposed to do.

When it turns out that the guy’s only seeking information (and not suicidal or even depressed) they quickly take the donut away even though he already took a bite out of it already. Again, why? “”Well we’re a non-profit and our sponsors are very strict about these sorts of things…”"

It’s hilarious but I do think it mimics really well how a conscientious 20 year old will act. There are rules. You follow them. Why? Because they’re probably good rules…

Then there is the whole “”Cathar”" scene … Conscientious Lily (and she’s the most skeptical of the bunch) is just too nice to tell the guy that he’s turning out to be _way too weird_. (And remember that his original girlfriend had suddenly dumped him, probably at the very same unexpected point of decision as Lily suddenly found herself in…). That’s exactly why teens and young adults often end up making some fairly big mistakes. Why? Because they just don’t know yet what they don’t know.

Again, just a great, great young adult film … “

Adam Brody photo.. Popular Actor Adam Brody Latest HD wallpapers 2012</td></tr>BTW, Wow. One of the WORST attempts at a British accent I have ever heard! Maybe even worse than Keanu Reeves in Dracula!!

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. ... only ones who desperately fap to you in their bedrooms, Analeigh Tipton!she IS from 90210…

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Analeigh TiptonShe was also on the sci-fi show, The 4400, playing Isabel–a far better show than 90210.

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Analeigh Tiptoni really thought she wuz british but then im not from there and im not gay

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Its all red and grey“Is being gay relevant

It’s not a bad accent at all”

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Geek Girl For March 2012 - Analeigh Tipton“Exactly j-curll. This Damsels in Distress film requires having a sense of humour!

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Analeigh Tipton“I have heard this … BUT the accent is so appalling, I cannot sit through the film in order to get to this ‘reveal’*. I am British and this actress’s attempt to sound Upper Class English is pretty poor. I feel kinda bad for her as she doesn’t have a high profile and unlike Anne Hathaway in One Day (who could ride the bad publicity), i don’t know if she will cope with all the flack she will get from the UK. We are pretty unrelenting about bad accents. It will be a shock to her and to the impeccably mannered Stillman.

*Stillman had to explain the accent in the plot it was so bad. But, initially he though she was good. In the words of Russell Crowe “”you’ve got tin ears, mate”"”

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. #34 - Analeigh Tipton (Wallpaper)It could have actually been _intentionally bad_ or the producers didn’t care to spend a lot of time working with her on it. Why? Remember how the character supposedly got that accent ;-)

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Analeigh Tiptonour cinematic culture has de-evolved to such a degree that people don’t appreciate intelligent, original and witty films when they see it. i liked it, and although it was flawed, the dialogue was unique. what some think as slow and boring have no taste but for apatow insipid comedies and the like.

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Analeigh TiptonITA! [[yes]] I liked that the humor wasn’t based on crazy “stuff” but just the observational dialogue that we can all totally relate to and often find amusing. Characters like Frank or Thor would’ve been so milked for laughs in a mainstream movie!

 Analeigh Tipton  photo.. Sarah, a EsbeltaExactly. “Colors” and the other set pieces of comedic dialogue I haven’t found in any other film in say a copy-cat way. Stillman is an original.

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