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Today’s interview: Greta Gerwig, of “Lola Vs.,” “Damsels in Distress” and Woody Allen’s new one

Indie starlet Greta Gerwig has cut a wide swatch through indie and mainstream film in the two years since she burst on the scene.
Long a “Mumblecore” star, she was a lost, self-esteem stared waif in “Greenberg,” the “sexy best friend” in the sex comedy “No Strings Attached.”
And she’s in three films more or less concurrent in theaters — “Damsels in Distress,” a Whit Stillman college comedy, “Lola Vs.,” a life-after-the-breakup relationship comedy that’s even more indie.
And she’s in Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love.” Woody tracks down the new and the hot, male and female, and her appearing in that is a sure sign she’s arrived.
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