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Q&A: Actress Greta Gerwig on Italy – Carry On | Travel + Leisure


Greta Gerwig

The former queen of mumblecore movies, Greta Gerwig, is now starring in such high-profile projects as Woody Allen?s To Rome with Love (out June). Here, her thoughts on truffles, art, and other Italian greats.

Q: Where did you stay while filming?
A: The cast stayed at the Parco dei Principi ($$$),near the far side of Villa Borghese. It was very fancy, but old-school, like seventies-style, which makes sense given Woody Allen. It was definitely built when you wanted to use as much chrome as you could get.

Q: In a city full of famous locations, did you have a favorite?
A: We shot a scene at night in Campo de? Fiori, a glorious square with a fountain. It was just magical.

Q: And the food?
A: Sometimes I would walk 40 minutes to Ciampini to have gelato for breakfast. It?s like eating butter with ice cream. And I?d never really had truffles before?? I ate a disgusting amount of them. I would order two pastas at dinner, which is why I?m a little chubby in the film.

Q: Did you take any side trips?
A: Florence. I?d never seen Michelangelo?s David, which made me cry. It?s so iconic that you don?t expect to have a reaction to it. But you see it and it?s so human. It completely floored me.

Q: Woody Allen seems to be working his way through Europe. Where would you like him to film next?
A: I?d love to see what he?d do in a movie about Berlin. That would produce great comedy. I watched Bananas again recently and I think he does well in places with less romance. Just imagine: To Berlin with Love from Woody Allen.

Photo by Philippe Antonello ? Gravier Productions, Inc., Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Source: http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-blog/carry-on/2012/8/30/q-and-a-actress-greta-gerwig-on-italy

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