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Gay Raleigh,
Here’s what’s happening on Twitter
  Gay Raleigh
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Duke rallies to beat Ohio State, 73-68
For much of the game, it looked like No. 4 Ohio State’s first trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium would end with a Buckeyes victory. But thanks to timely sharpshooting from Ryan Kelly and another double…

Middle-class White Guy Exposes Six Signs of Dadscrimination
From Katherine Heigl movies to the Great Potty Disparity, writer Jerry Mahoney calls out Mommification

3 $1M Powerball tickets sold in NC
Three tickets sold in the state – Burlington, Kinston and Charlotte – are worth $1 million while 14 are worth $10,000. Another 269,916 tickets are worth some other cash prize.

Actress Busy Philipps Joins Americans for Marriage Equality
“Cougar Town” actress supports marriage for gay and lesbian couples nationwide
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She Who Dies With the Most ‘Likes’ Wins?
Why letting go of being liked is so hard—but so necessary—for women.
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Thomas Matlack


Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome 29 Nov
The U.S. will start removing nickels and pennies from circulation in 2013. Outrageous! I thought Obama promised MORE change!
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UberFacts @UberFacts 29 Nov
Due to our natural instinct for protection, we naturally tend to focus on the negatives of a person more than the positive.
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Rihanna Daily @RihannaDaily 29 Nov
Sia covers Rihanna’s "Diamonds": youtube.com/watch?feature=…
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Hayley Hasselhoff @HHASSELHOFF 29 Nov
Proud to be a part of Ecoya’s "LIGHTS OUT!" Equality Candle Campaign! Photographer @bouska has teamed up instagr.am/p/SoGCSsE6Jz/
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Damn Its TRUE! @damnitstrue 29 Nov
Dear Santa, I don’t want electronics, money, clothes or any other expensive things for Christmas this year, I just want him.
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