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Tim Roth and Hayley McFarland on Twitter ;)

T. Roth: “Ok has to be the blue label Heinz beans… Toast with melting butter nice and hot then heat the beans.. Don’t boil!!’ then poured over the top.. YUMMY!!
Hayley: “blechhh!”
T. Roth: “Don’t start!!”
Hayley: “I’ll take the toast but skip the beans”
T. Roth: “You are a coward!! The beans are sooo yummy!! By the way for those of you out there.. This girl here is my favorite!! She is a pearl.. Hard to find but exquisite…!! And a complete pain in the butt!!”
Hayley: “aw, you’re gonna make me blush… Flattery won’t get me to try beans though!”
T. Roth: “Hayley just told me she can’t watch the episode because she doesn’t have cable!!!!!!!!
Her mum is recording it so she can watch it later..!! I love that girl !!”
Hayley: “and I’m a little embarrassed to watch with her on account of one particular scene…!” (about ep 313)