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Kana Hoshino’s style


Actually now I’m supposed to be studying for my Saturday’s exam, but, eheh ^^
So I’ve decided to make a quick post about my fav ever model:
Kana Hoshino, from PopSister magazine.
First of all I want to explain why I love so much this magazine.
Mainly it’s beacuse of (or thanks to) their true “mess” of styles! You can find almost e.v.e.r.i.t.h.i.n.g. there! A lot of rock style (like Wei Son’s style), but also gipsy and ojikawa&obakaw. From the Tsubasa’s romantic rock style, to the Yui’s sweet style, you MUST find something suitable for you!
About me, well, I don’t have a specific style, but, incredibly, I’d love to wear more or less every outfit shown in PopSister, from rock to gipsy (just some of Aya&Ami outfits I wouldn’t wear- just too much street style-but I’m still loving those girls!).
Up to now, the model I liked most, has been Kana.
I think she’s one of the “oldest” Popsister models (over 25, possible?), but she’s so…BAMBI!
I preferred her with looong hair, her hairstyle was amazing (you can see it in the picture above), and actually it’s the one I’d like to achieve *-* fringe+long wavy hair <3
Btw, with short hair she’s cute too!

She has a very intense make up, focused on eyes: big (usually) dark lenses, bottom and upper lashes, black eyeliner, and very natural lips, with gloss only.
I prefer this kind of look than nude lips, or Tsubasa’s ones…
But let’s talk of her style!
I can summarize it like this:
  •  heels/boots
  • socks
  • minidresses
  •  cardigans or shirts or jackets over them
  • hats
  • wavy hair.
I know it sounds pretty simple, but in my opinion this style is simply amazing.
Here you are a few examples:
I love LOVE this look. Lace up boots ( I need to buy them *-*), minidress (it looks like a playsuit), military jacket and cute hat. And her big eyes!
Another cute look, simple but not less fashionable. Over-the-knee socks, white long top, gray long knit cardi. I wear a similar outfit to go to university by replacing heels with rock boots (I call them rock because they’ve studs on XD)^^
Sweety! Fur boots, nice mini dress, ponpon hat. Usefull outfit, you just need to add a knit cardi over it, maybe extra-size in order to maintain this dolly/baby look (bigger the outfit is, smaller you’ll appear).
How cuuute!!
Check shirt is a must, and with Snoopy is super cool! If you have a nice pattern of it (or another comics character), you could just sew it on the shirt^^ This will make your check shirt a super cool check shirt!
Used denim shorts, and cowboy boots (personally I wouldn’t wear them, and every kind of boots are ok!).

A cream outfit, with, again, lace up boots and socks^^ Minidress+open shirt this time, and knit hat. Maybe this outfit is better on warmer days, but anyway it’s a good inspiration!
And finally…
Isn’t it a bit mode-ish?
I like those boots to pieces!
Boots, tight paginsu and a big cardi to make contrast. The point? Fuuur!
Tu sum up, I think Kana’s style is pretty easy to achieve, and suitable for every occasions: from school (maybe avoiding heels), to office, to shopping, to go out at night (without jackets or cardigans over the minidress and with red lipstick for example)…So far it’s the style that represents me the most *-*
You don’t even need to buy from gyaru brands, beacause all key elements can be found in every store!
And for those girls like me, who couldn’t afford to buy from Japan and only from gyaru brands, Kana’s style is perfect!
You just need to be a bit creative^^ It’s fun!
Do you buy from expensive brands, or do you recreate fashionable outfits with cheaper clothes?
About me, I buy a lot from h&m, zara, oviesse, new yorker…
Talking a bit more about styles, I like Tsubasa too, but I think her style is too childish for my taste, and on the other hand Wei Son’s style is too rock and grunge, and Yui Kanno’s one is too sweet U.U Anyway I appreciate those models !
So girls, what do you think of Kana’s style?
Would you like to see more models’s style posts on this blog?^^