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Celeb Aging Twin: Judy Davis

I am borrowing an idea from the gorgeous Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb. She’s following famous women in her age cohort as “aging yardsticks“.

While I can’t keep up with all the beautifications available to wealthy actors, I do like to peek in at celebrities born in my year, 1955. This week I am looking at the wondrous Judy Davis, born in April of that year.

She’s a gifted and versatile Australian actress, who first gained attention in the 1979 film My Brilliant Career. She’s been a favorite of directors Woody Allen and Joel Coen, and hasn’t seemed to pursue “big” movies. She did an amazing portrayal of Judy Garland in 2001, and is still working on stage, television, and in films.

I love her quirky looks, and if this is 57, it ain’t bad! You go, Judy Davis, stay fabulous.

My Brilliant Career, 1979

Same film, I had to add pic of my movie husband, Sam Neill.

As Judy Garland, mesmerizing. 2001.

Wonderful mature face. Love the red lips and wavy hair. And the
“I know what I’m doing” look.

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