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Juhi Chawla’s Dubious Support for Wilcom

Girish Kumar and his daughter Neha Kumar have been propagating lies.
Lies that cell phone tower radiation can cause harm to people. In the
process, they are promoting the products of their own company Wilcom
Technologies, which makes radiation shielding equipment. Of late,
their movement has been exposed as a racket for profit-making. The
deceit that lies behind their activist facade has been exposed. To
counter that and keep up appearances, they have recently found the
support of celebrity and actress Juhi Chawla, who has herself been on
a rampage, holding protests, and filing legal petitions against the
cell phone towers in her neighborhood of Malabar Hill.
this sudden voluntary interest of a celebrity suspect? Of course it
is, because Juhi Chawla’s husband happens to be Mr.Jay Mehta, a very
successful businessman with interests in India & abroad,
particularly in South Africa. And why is that of any consequence?
Because a company called Lusaka Properties pvt ltd, which Mr.Jay
Mehta is closely associated with, is the principal investor in Wilcom
Technologies. Naturally then, for Juhi Chawla, Wilcom is like family.
And to do anything in her power to offset the truth that has been
exposed about the Kumars and Wilcom, is in her best interest. Like a
dutiful family-member, Juhi Chawla is just playing her part in doing
some PR and damage control. But the reasons for her sudden empathy
with this fake radiation-cause; are obvious. And they are wrongly
matter how hard they try, what antics they resort to, the Kumars can
not escape peoples’ ire for deceiving them. And their latest attempt,
that of using Juhi Chawla as support, is extremely dubious and
questionable. And people are asking questions, and seeing through the
charade. Celebrities are known to do favors for people they are close
to. And this after all, is almost a family-matter for Juhi Chawla and
her husband Jay Mehta. But ordinary citizens are aware and
intelligent enough to see through it all. The Kumars and the Mehtas
are in cahoots, and hence Juhi Chawla too.

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