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This Honky Tonk Angel is gone again…

I’m so excited to share some exciting news with y’all!

I just…


YAY!!  It’s a musical comedy called “Honky Tonk Angels” and it’s based off the music of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton.  I’m cast as “Darlene”, a young country girl with big dreams and big plans.  

I will be in Missouri for 5 weeks starting in October, so here I go again!  I just got my script and decided it was time to share it with you guys. It’s always exciting (and sometimes slightly terrifying) to open up a new script and find out what exactly you’re getting yourself into in the coming months. 

So far I’ve learned that I…
A. Will be playing guitar in the show (woohoo!)  

B. Will apparently be clogging in the show (ummmm…whaaaaa?)


C. Have to have everything learned and memorized in 3 weeks by the time I get there (gulp.)

Rehearsals will be a whole week shorter due to some scheduling conflicts.  A whole musical put up on stage and in front of people in 14 days…???

Uh. Yeah. I’ll have some interesting stories for you guys in the coming weeks:)  

Anyhoo.  Here’s a little sneak peak of my script. 

Love and other stuff:)