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Burnin’ the Midnight Oil…

Ok….so here’s the thing…
Doing a country show with our band on a big ‘ol stage in Kansas….
And doing a Theater show with a 10 piece big band singing Frank Sinatra standards….
are 2 very different things:)

But alas, that’s what’s what in the Coppola girls’ world today!

We’ve had 2 rehearsals and tonight???


I say we are burning the midnight oil because in show business (especially the Broadway business),
there is no rest for the weary.  You’re gonna dance your little hiney off in 3 inch character shoes, learn 10 new songs with harmonies, memorize 2 page monologues in 15 minutes, all the while looking fabulous in sequined ball gowns, feathered eyelashes, and cherry red lips…

And you’re gonna love every minute of it! 

So excuse the short post: I’m just gonna grab one more cup of joe and sashay my way onstage. 
Frank and His Girls

You don’t wanna miss this one:)

Let’s just say Kate and I aren’t in Kansas anymore.