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New Kate & Kacey Coppola Album To Hit 2/3- Exclusive Interview Here

Prior to inking a deal with Big Machine Records, Kate and Kacey Coppola had already garnered an enthusiastic legion of fans as contestants on the CMT series “Can You Duet?” where they made it to the semi-finals. “It was one of the most difficult things in our career and one of the most rewarding,” says Kacey. “We are here today because of it, and I think it made us so much stronger.”

In addition to the television exposure, they have also gained notice on Music Row for their songwriting skills. Signed to EMI Music Publishing, the twosome has already obtained every songwriter’s dream—a George Strait cut. “House with No Doors,” which the twins co-wrote with Jamey Johnson, is on Strait’s current album “Troubadour.”“We’ve been dreaming about being able to sing together and build a life around music since we were little girls,” says Kate, born nine minutes before Kacey, “but actually getting the chance to do it, is a hundred times bigger and better than we could have ever imagined.”

Now word comes that February 3rd will be the release of their first CD. Off their mySpace page: “Just wanted to let you guys know the latest update on our CD…We are gonna start up a countdown to February 10th….BECAUSE that is the day that our CD will be available on Itunes!!! Yay! You would make us the happiest gals in the world if you would go and get the CD on FEBRUARY 10th!”

We had a chance to do a quick interview with Kate on their early Nashville career:

That Nashville Sound: What brought you to Nashville?

Kate Coppola: Kacey and I started coming to Nashville about 3 years ago to write songs. This city is the best place in the world to find songwriters and artists that are as focused and determined as we are to succeed! We signed a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing 2 1/2 years ago, and so we moved out and never looked back!

TNS- Looking over your career thus far, what do you rank as a couple of the highlights?

KC- I think signing our publishing deal was a major milestone for us. It was our first real “paying” job in the music industry. We felt a big sense of accomplishment in being able to make a living doing what we love to do – create music! George Strait cutting one of our songs (“House With No Doors”) and putting it on the “Troubadour” album was another HUGE highlight! That one still feels surreal! And then signing our record deal with Big Machine Records last August 2008 was a moment when Kacey and I finally felt like we were getting our shot! We are very excited to start our radio tour – in a couple days actually! Our single will be released to radio end of February, beginning of March.

TNS- What might people be suprised to find out about you?

KC- Oh let’s see! People might be surprised to know that Kacey and I can tap dance. Kacey secretly dreams to be on Broadway! and Kate is legally blind – without contacts or glasses, I can’t see more than an inch in front of me.

TNS- What kind of music are you listening to? What’s in your iPod?

KC- We’ve been listening to the Jamey Johnson record – he was the first Nashville writer we ever wrote with, and he has since become a great friend! Also, some old Dixie Chicks records – we’re about to go in the studio to start recording our record, and we love the way those records sound! And some of the new Beyonce and Sara Bareilles records. Plus whatever song comes on next on our IPods!

TNS- If you had a crystal ball and looked forward ten years, what do you see for yourself?

KC- In ten years, we will still be making music! After having numerous number 1 hits, and several successful albums, winning CMA’s, ACM’S, Grammy’s, and a few other awards….after having made so many new friends and fans touring the country, we will have a big kitchen to make Sunday Pasta dinner for all our family, and we’ll be able to get a puppy! I can’t wait!